Zeus Street Greek – Rosebery


Zeus Street Greek, there’s no secret that lately I  have become a massive fan of Greek food, mainly going to GRK Souvlaki in Mascot but as soon as Zeus opened close by I knew I had to stop in and see what the fuss was about.

Upon walking in, there were multiple staff ready to great customers and already by 6pm it was packed and a waiting list happening, the fit out was stunning and a great consistency with their other branches. Lucky we just missed the waiting list and got a table straight away.

There is not table service at this restaurant, there is a menu on the table and when you are ready you go up to the counter and order.

First thing I noticed in the kitchen was the amazing open fire charcoal spit, I love being able to see how they cook my dinner and have that amazing smell throughout a restaurant. Nothing better!


I ordered just the Nude chicken with a side of Haloumi. – The nude chicken came in a lovely little ceramic pot to keep the heat and juices in. The meat was beautifully tender with a great mix of herbs and lemon juice, the taste of the charcoal cut those the lemon juice and made for a yummy dish, this also came with a side of Tzatziki which was refreshing.



The boyfriend ordered the Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Classic –  Chicken, then he also ordered a side of corn which we both shared. The dish look very yummy, not massive which I was surprised about, the size of the Pita was good compared to all the huge pita’s you can get from other Greek places. The boyfriend looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it and said he would be back in a heart beat!

The corn was also delicious, the cheese cut through the sweetness of the corn, I loved it, perfect side to our dinner.


Location – Nicely tucked away from Botany Road , in a residential area (I’ d be a happy resident if this place opened opposite my house)  Address – 2/34 MORLEY AVENUE ROSEBERY NSW 2018 7/10

Price – Reasonably priced. The Pita cost $10.50 with the Nude chicken being more expensive at $15.50 (a little overpriced maybe) and the sides cost between $9-$11 dollars each. 7/10

Service – You don’t get much interaction from the staff other then when you are greeted at the door and when ordering. The interaction we had way lovely and not pushy at all for us to get out to accommodate everyone on the wait list 8/10

Atmosphere – Atmosphere was busy and happening, its more of a modern feel, you don’t get much feel of the culture other than the food and the Greek salt. 7/10

I will be returning here for a yummy dinner very soon. Great restaurant with hearty food for a quick catch up with family/friends or a quick bite when you’re on the road.


Zeus Street Greek – Rosebery

Harry’s Bondi – Dinner

Harry’s Bondi!! This is my favourite spot in Bondi.

I was a regular customer here for the past 2 years before the new renovations started, I was in love with it back then but now I’ve fallen head over heels. This renovation has changed Harry’s in a tremendous way! Such a modern gorgeous new lay out of turquoise blue with golds, marble, timber and a hint of black.

My boyfriend and I have already been to the new Harry’s at least 10 times since it reopened for Breakfast! Now unfortunately this isn’t a breakfast review, instead its a dinner review. I was so excited to find out they were opening for dinner for the first time ever.

Harry’s is stunning in the day, you can imagine how amazing it looks at night with the gold really shinning through with the timber…oh and of course that beautiful Bondi lifestyle surrounding you.


I had already heard the hype about how good the dinner menu is, so you can imagine I was like a little kid on Christmas when I saw that menu for the first time. It’s a very simple menu with not a whole lot of options to choose from but enough for everyone to be able to enjoy (vegetarians, meat, seafood lovers)

What we ordered:

  • Watermelon and Mint Soda
  • Green Tea Lemonade Soda 
  • Crab Spaghetinni – Crab Meat ,Spaghettini with Chili and Parsley.
  • Pan Roasted Holmbre Chicken – Half Chicken, roast carrots, brussel sprouts and grapes
  • Sweet Potato Fries

I always love how I get treated at Harry’s, it’s like you’re best friends with the team and you know they’ll take great care of you. Looking around you see the staff interact with the customers, talking about family and friends so you get this Harry community feeling as everyone has been customers for a very long time and everyone knows each other.



Lovely refreshing drinks on a summer night. I had the green tea lemonade which was very yummy but a bit too sour for my liking, i would have loved to taste more of that green tea. I tried the watermelon and mint soda and kicking myself that i didnt order that drink, it was so scrumptious with the right amount of flavours, none of them over powering each other. I’ll be ordering this one next time.

Our Food has arrived!!


My oh my that pasta looks divine and it sure tasted like heaven!



The pasta is cooked to perfection, al dente just how I like it with a bite to it. Its beautifully seasoned with lemon juice and a good amount of salt. I was surprised at the generous amount of crab on the plate with big chunks underneath all that pasta, crab meat was cooked perfectly and just broke apart, very tender. The dish could have done with a little bit more of chilli, there was a kick to it but maybe I just love my chilli. The parsley bought the dish together giving it the freshness that made it so lovely and enjoyable to eat.

The boyfriend had the Half Holmbre Chicken. The chicken was tender and juicy and the sweetness of the grapes made the dish really special aswell as those sticky carrots. Yum. Cannot go wrong with this dish.


The sweet potato fries just added something extra to our dishes! I always have sweet potato at home but the way its cooked it is completely different to how its done at home and I prefer the way it’s done at Harry’s! The fries are not oily, obviously they have been baked, perfectly crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, gotta love the crinkle in them too. Would love to possibly have some mayo on the side.



The night was going so smoothly, great food and service when we then got complimentary desserts sent to our table….like i said, we were treated like best friends! Amazing


  • PannacotaFresh Raspberries and Chambord
  • Eton Mess – Strawberry meringue, Chantilly cream and micro herbs

These desserts are picture perfect that you feel mean for destroying them.

Both desserts were fresh and full of sweet goodness. My favourite had to be the Pannacota, omg…perfection, the silkiness of that pannacota with the crunchiness of the topping and the burst of raspberries on top.  I did not want to share it but unfortunately I had to with the boyfriend.

The Eton mess was lovely too with the strawberry meringue perfectly soft and chewy not crunchy and hard which I hate and the reason why I never order meringue desserts but i will be ordering this one, the Chantilly cream and the mirco herbs were a great match with the fresh fruit.

IMG_8878 IMG_8880





Location – Harry’s is located in North Bondi right opposite  Camilla’s Beach House, beautiful location 2 minute walk to the beach. Address – 136 Wairoa Ave Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Price – Reasonably priced. With the drinks ranging from $6-$7.50 (all being non alcoholic and home made sodas). Mains ranging from $22 – $29 dollars and the sides being $8 and desserts both $12. – 10/10

Service – I love the service at Harry’s, I’ve said it all throughout the review that as being a customer for a number of years, Harry, Chris and Shirly all make sure that you feel like you’re at home and take extra care of you and it feels like one big family. Cannot rave about the service enough 10/10

Atmosphere – Bondi Lifestyle atmosphere! You can tell everyone is so laid back here, and is just there to have a good time with friends and family. I recommend  for couples families, friends, work meetings, girl cocktails and i could go on…. 10/10

Please make sure you check out the newly renovated Harry’s Bondi and support them in this new business venture! You wont be dissapointed.

I will next be doing a breakfast review and its just as good as this one! Keep an eye out!

It’s good to be back!!!

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Harry’s Bondi – Dinner

The Potting Shed – The Grounds Of Alexandria

I’ve always loved the concept of the grounds. I find it fun and exciting and I was overly excited to find out that they now have a new dinner restaurant called The Potting Shed which also serves lunch. I couldn’t wait to see what concept this one was and more importantly what food they served, if it was like the grounds or completely different.

We went on a Friday night which I was a bit nervous about, thinking there would be an hour long wait. We pulled up to the parking lot and got a park pretty much straight away which you’ve got to love when that happens. We step out of the car and heard country/western type of music playing and then at the entrance we see a big fire pit with people standing around toasting marshmallows on a stick, see I knew I was going to get a new exciting concept from this new place and I haven’t even step inside yet.

We approach the stand at the entrance and ask a seat for two and we got at table within that split second, I was shocked, I for sure though there was going to be a wait. YAY. We were put under the heater which I was thankful for because it was a freezing night. We were given the menus and then left to decide.

Continuing on with the potting shed concept the menus have a shovel topped clipboard and the food on it looks great. First we decided to order some drinks. I ordered a cocktail and then my boyfriend had a beer. I must say the cocktail list was rather interested. Wasabi paste, capsicum, carrot with young tequila. Unfortunately I didn’t order that one, I ordered an orange, mint lemon vodka cocktail with my boyfriend getting a local beer. My cocktail was refreshing and not too strong.


The menu is typical “Grounds” with burgers, chicken, steak and things like school prawns and mini hot dogs. My boyfriend and I ordered the following:

  • Marinated Warm Olives
  • Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken and honey mustard 
  • Chips with Aioli and Tomato Jam 
  • Holmbre Chicken with fenugreek, coriander, walnuts,pomegranate, cucumber, radish and greens 
  • Pasture-Fed Angus Eye Fillet, 250G with Veal Jus and seasonal vegetables 

First to come to the table were the first two starters. The olives and the Buttermilk Chicken

You can’t go wrong with marinated warm olives. I could eat them any time of the day. They were warm and marinated perfectly. So good and thank god they put a lot of green olives, they’re my favourite and normally when I order them there is only 2 or three greens ones. How cute are the little wooden pick up sticks too. Creative idea.


The buttermilk popcorn chicken was served to the table piping hot which is always great because you know they’re fresh, but a little too hot for me that I had to wait a little to eat them but I was happy to keep eating the olives. Once they were cooled down I got stuck into the chicken. The chicken was juicy and tender coated with a delicious buttery crumb with a great amount of seasoning .The honey mustard worked well with the chicken but I would have preferred aioli, I’m not much of a mustard fan.


(Bad quality photo, sorry)

Next our chips and our mains arrived. The chips were served in a gardening pot, as you can tell, most of the food here is. Also served with Aioli and Tomato Jam. The chips were crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, Beautiful batter and the condiments that came with is were just as good, the aioli was perfect (ended up using the aioli for the left over popcorn chicken ) and the tomato jam was sweet. Great combination.


Now onto the mains. I had the Half Holmbre Chicken with fenugreek, coriander, walnuts,pomegranate, cucumber, radish and greens. What a beautiful dish. The chicken has been cooked for 3 hours and then chargrilled to give it that strong smoky flavour. The Chicken was tender and juicy. I’ve never had walnuts and pomegranate with chicken before but the little burst of sweetness and crunch from the walnuts gave the dish a whole new flavour. To die for. It was served with a jus but to be honest I didn’t used it, the dish didn’t need it and the jus didn’t have much flavour anyway. The cucumber and radish was a nice touch. I see this more of a summer dish than a winter dish because of all the sweet and fresh flavours.


My boyfriend had the Pasture-Fed Angus Eye Fillet, 250G with Veal Jus and seasonal vegetables and horseradish butter

He said that the meat was cooked to his liking (medium) and that the vegetables were crisp and just what he needed. Not sure he was a fan of the veal jus and the butter though. Look how adorable that cutting knife is and the little cow sign saying “medium” Cute little touches like that impress me.



Location – The Potting Shed is right in Alexandria situated at The Grounds surrounded my other restaurants and food outlets like Vicinity Dining and Salt, Meat & Cheese and of course The Grounds Of Alexandria. Not a lot of parking so make sure to get there early.

Price – Reasonably priced. With all the side dishes we ordered which were $6 dollars each and the popcorn chicken being $12 and our main meals being $30 dollars each. I find it to be good, could be a little cheaper but on the other hand, everything should be a little cheaper these days haha.

Service – Service was nice and polite, not too much interaction but when there was, it was polite and and friendly. Nothing to complain about. They had good knowledge about the food on offer.

Atmosphere – GREAT ATMOSPHERE! I loved it. Perfect music playing and the lighting was romantic, with the wait staff dressed as though they were in a modern country fit out. You heard people laughing and having a good time. Perfect for a romantic night out or for a get together with friends or work colleagues.


Food – Great produce which was fresh and cooked perfectly and everything was seasoned well and had great condiments to go with the dishes.

I will definitely be back. Everything from the fire pit out the front, to the music and design, to the cute little garden pots which were served with chips and chicken in the, to the little butcher cutting knife. I’m extremely excited to see what they’re summer menu will be like.


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The Potting Shed – The Grounds Of Alexandria

Bazara – Maroubra Beach

For a while now, I have seen many posters on buses that are promoting a new restaurant in Maroubra Beach called Bazara.

Tuesday night, My boyfriend and I decided to go there for dinner to check it out.
Maroubra beach on a winters Tuesday night isn’t the most happening place in the world I must say. As we got to Bazara, I felt a new vibe which was modern, laid back and fresh, I got that excited feeling of trying a new restaurant for dinner.

As we walked in we were approached by a lady who sat us down straight away and gave us our menus.

First we ordered two cokes to start, then proceeded to look at the menu. Bazara offers an extensive menu with Modern Australian cuisine. The lay out of the restaurant is very modern chic with an industral feel with wooden tables, exposed brick walls, metal chairs and some leather lounges on the back wall, the lighting is perfect and warm with a hint of romance. I can imagine it would be a perfect date night place in the summer with hot weather and the breeze from the beach at the doorstep.

After taking in the atmosphere of the place our drinks arrived with a bottle of water for the table and we were ready to order.


My boyfriend and I decided that we were going to share a couple of dishes being as it was our first time there. We ordered

  • Bazra Chicken Salad – Char Grilled Chicken with mixed leaf, tomato, onion and lime dressing
  • Raggu Alla Bolognaise – Home made raggu Alla Bolognaise Papadele pasta finished with fresh herbs and parmesen
  • Margarita Pizza

It took around half an hour for our food to arrive which I was okay with.

With all the food on the table I wasn’t sure which one to start with, but the chicken in the salad was calling my name.

What a beautifully refreshing tasty salad. The chicken had a crispy coating and was lovely and tender. The hint of lime in the salad really added to the summery fresh salad. I’ll 100% going to be getting this next time, even just for a main meal or even just for that chicken.


Meanwhile I’m hearing my boyfriend rave on and on about how good the pasta is, but I next decided to try the pizza…maybe I was trying to save the best till last.

The pizza was hot and fresh, and incredible overload of cheese which i wasn’t complaining about, The base of the pizza was a bit doughy, not really crunchy or anything but it was decent. My favourite part of the pizza had to be the sprinkle of mixed herbs on the pizza, the taste of oregano really made the flavour of the pizza . Not a massive fan of the whole chunks of tomato on the pizza, they were too heavy and to be honest I ended up taking them off the slices of pizza I had or they just fell off. Really great flavoursome pizza. Yum.


Now onto the pasta!!

If there is ever padadele on the menu I am immediately drawn to it, the wider the pasta the better I think. This without a doubt was a very good dish. The bolognaise sauce was rich in tomato flavour with mixed herbs. The pasta was a bit overcooked for my liking but I was happy to over see that for the flavour and the blankets of pasta just picked up that thick and rich sauce perfectly with a great amount of parmasen cheese on top


Location – Fight in the heart of Maroubra beach. This will be a great all day restaurant in the summer time. I will make sure I am back in the summer time. Lots of parking but I can imagine it would be hard to get parking on the weekends.

Price – Great price, for 2 drinks and three dishes it came to around $60. Reasonable prices.

Service – Service was good. We were approached straight away, we didn’t have to wait long to order or receive our meals. They were polite and always made sure we were okay with our meals.

Atmosphere – Beautiful relaxed romantic. Nice volume of music was being played, lighting was perfect and everyone was there for a good meal.

Food – Delicious food. I’d describe the food as, food made with love and passion, they never lacked flavour in any of the dishes we tried. Hearty and fresh food. Was just what we needed on a cold winter night.

I’d recommend this place in a heart beat. For a restaurant that has only been open for 4 weeks I am very impressed. A great night out for dinner and I will be back asap…even thinking of going there tonight to try some different dishes 🙂

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Bazara – Maroubra Beach

Chur Burger – Surry Hills


“We’re going to Chur Burger this weekend!” I’ve been saying this sentence for the past 3 weeks but somehow we end up trying other places but this weekend we finally made it to Chur Burger and I could not be more excited and the hype about this place has been insane, being named the best burgers in Sydney.

We arrived at around 7:00pm and we were told that it would be a 45 minute wait, at first we hesitated but decided to wait. Some places tell you a time frame but you have a table within half that time frame but at Chur Burger they meant it! We waited 50 minutes but it wasn’t too bad, we waited outside and they had the music pretty loud and the door open so we were jamming to the hip hop music playing and you get the smell of the food travelling outside so you get more excited but also you get a bit impatient.

At around 7:50pm we got inside and a table right next to the open kitchen where we could see where the burger making magic happens! The boyfriend went order as soon as we walked in as we knew what we were having straight away.




We both ordered the Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle burger with a side of chilli salt chips.


We sipped on some water as we watched everyone in the kitchen waiting for our burgers. It didn’t take too long for us to receive our order, maybe 15 minutes. When it arrived at our table I couldn’t contain my excitement, I had to dig in (not without taking a photo first of course).

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! Is all I have to say about this burger! I was so so happy that it lived up to my expectations. The beef patty was served medium which made it so juicy and flavoursome, the tomato jam was lovely and sweet and the mayo was divine. I’ve noticed that they really pack a lot of mayo on their burgers but I love mayo so I’m not complaining one bit. The buns were lovely and soft. For some reason I  thought they would be dry but they weren’t, they were grilled perfectly.



The boyfriend said that its one of the best burgers he has had! And I totally agree. It’s a full hearty juicy flavoursome burger. A burger done incredibly well.

The chips were nice too, the hint of chilli was perfect but you could easily go without the chips because the burger is big enough. We ended up taking away the chips.

Location -Set nicely on Albion Street in Surry Hills. Not a lot of places around, just a convenience store across the road and what looks to be another restaurant opposite and that’s about it.

Price – For a burger and chips by itself it costs $15 all together. $10 for the burger and $5 for the chips. Great price for the burger considering how yummy it is.

Service – Very average. The woman at the front door was pleasant in taking our number down and then calling us for our table. Woman giving us our burgers was okay too. To be honest not much interaction with people working there, its more of an order at the bar, sit down and eat and leave type of place.

Atmosphere – Busy and happening atmosphere. Good music playing which got you grooving while waiting and also in your seat at the table. What I loved seeing as well as that half way during our meal, the waitress walked over to the kitchen with around 6 shots of alcohol and all of the kitchen staff all took a shot out in the open. That was pretty cool to see, just hope that doesn’t impact of their cooking abilities hahaha!

Food – Perfect burger and nice decent chips. You can tell the quality of the beef patty is high as said on their website. Just what I expected, so happy I wasn’t disappointed and now I have a new burger joint to go to! Can’t complain about that.

I now understand the hype about this place. Its the place for a drink and a good feed with your friends, boyfriend, work colleges. I’ll definitely be back! They also do take away. A Chur Burger with a beer and watching a movie sounds like the perfect night in my books!

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Chur Burger – Surry Hills

A Tavola – Bondi Beach

Sometimes when your original plans for the night don’t go so well, you end up having an even better night than expected and that’s exactly what happened this Thursday. 

We decided to go to A Tavola since there was a long wait at another restaurant. We arrived at the door and was approached by a man who said it would be around 15-30 minute wait which we were happy with that time frame. At this time it was 8:00pm. Every 10 minutes the man would approach us and tell us a table would be ready soon. At around 8:30pm we finally got a table and by this stage we were starting to get a bit impatient, so perfect timing. We got seated at the bar and as we we sat down the man who looked like a co-owner was very thankful for the time that we waited. We were then told that our waitress would come and explain the menu for us. I’ve never seen this approach at the restaurant but when you look at the menu, you realize why it needs to be explained. All these different dishes and names, I got a bit lost and overwhelmed. 

A short time later we were given complementary Rosemary and chilli focaccia bread with olive and chilli infused oil. 

(Sorry about the poor quality photos, I think I need to invest in a good camera)

This bread came to us so warm and soft! I’m a massive fan of chilli and that olive and chilli oil was beautiful soaked up in this bread. Great start to the meal. 


Our waitress came back and went through the menu with us. The knowledge the staff have about the produce and dishes is astonishing. She went through every dish with us on the menu telling us where it came from and the different flavours experienced when eating particular dishes. She knew word for word of the whole menu. We were very impressed. 

When asked if we wanted a drink, the boyfriend said yes and i asked about their beers on offer, once again she had amazing knowledge. Her favourite was the Birra Italia which I ordered and the boyfriend got a VIS Beer. The beers were lovely. My beer was crisp and fresh and my the boyfriends beer was very lite but a little bit more bitter. 


Next we ordered our food

To Start 

  • Blackened olives 


  • (My Order) PAPPARDELLE con RAGU di MANZO e RAFANO – Pappardelle, wagyu beef shin, red wine, horseradish  34
  • Fusilli with buffalo mozzarella, Roma tomatoes and olives. 

To be honest I’ve never in my life liked olives. My family loves them but I can’t bring myself to eat them until tonight. These Olives were divine!! Full of flavour but not overpowering, they were soft and warm. How could I have not liked these before? I can say I’m officially an olive lover now 🙂 


Finally our mains arrived and it just looks like heaven on a plate. I’ve never had Pappardelle pasta before and I’ve been saving up the time to try it at A Tavola and I’m so happy I did. We were told that the pasta is dehydrated before being cooked and you can see that as you walk into the restaurant from the side entrance as they have pasta sheets hanging on a rack on the wall. As I took my first mouthful, I know instantly why this is their signature dish! The pasta is al dente and you can taste that its dehydrated. It’s really delightful. The wagyu beef just melts into your mouth and the juice just catches on every bit of the pasta. A beautiful beautiful dish that I know I wont stop thinking about. 


I had a taste of my boyfriends dish and that was perfect too. The pasta also had a bite to it, the flavours were so freshening and the buffalo mozzarella was perfect for the dish. It was like a wood fired margherita pizza but in a pasta form if that makes sense. I only had one spoonful of his dish as I just needed to get back to my pasta. 


Location – Perfectly on Hall Street on Bondi Beach. It was a little hard to get parking as hall street was blocked off for road works, but we eventually found parking in one of the side stress. 

Price – For two beers, a starter and two pasta dishes it came to $84 dollars which I thought it be a lot more expensive but i was surprised to see that amount when we received the bill 

Service – One of the best I’ve been in Sydney. The knowledge of the staff is impeccable and they are friendly and warm towards you and treat you as though you are their main priority for the night. 

Atmosphere – Beautiful atmosphere near the beach. The lighting of this place is dim but very sweet and romantic. Everyone is there for a good wine and lovely pasta dish in one of the best locations in Sydney. 

Food – Quality food which is made with love, passion and soul. They have perfected their art of pasta at this restaurant and you know they take pride in that. Best pasta I’ve had in Sydney (Sorry mum) 

Overall this is one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had in a long time and one i will be returning to sooner than later. I adore this place already and i highly highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a romantic dinner, drinks with the girls, catch up with friends or just craving a really good pasta 



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A Tavola on Urbanspoon

A Tavola – Bondi Beach

Seven Seeds – Melbourne

Two reviews in one day…I think I’m becoming addicted and I’m missing Melbourne a lot today.


One of my favourite places in Melbourne has to be Seven Seeds! Unfortunately we only got to go there once but it will be the first place I go to when I’m back in Melbourne.

We went to seven seeds around brunch time. My boyfriend and I got out of the taxi in a lane way and thought we were going to walk to the main street to get to the cafe but no its in the lane way. I love cafe’s hidden in lane ways, I don’t know why but I do. We came to this massive wooden door which is always a bit exciting. As we walk in we’re greeted by a woman who takes us to a table in front of the kitchen and bar area. Straight away be both ordered a coffee. Me a Cappuccino and an espresso for the boyfriend, the woman took our order, gave us menus and also told us the specials which sounded very appealing.

As we looked at the menu I didn’t really find anything that stood out to me and  I always get poached eggs on toast with avocado and I wanted something different today then I remember out waitress telling us the specials for the day “Maple syrup and bacon French Toast”

YEP THAT’S A WINNER FOR ME! She arrived with our coffee’s and took our order of course I got the Bacon French Toast and my boyfriend  got the Curried Baked Eggs

The smell of coffee, I don’t think I could ever get over it. Our coffees were delicious and on this cold Melbourne day, its just what I needed.  IMG_4063

I kept looking into the kitchen to see if the next order ready was ours…after being disappointed twice as the waitress didn’t come to our table, the 3rd time lucky was our dish and my oh my did it look like a heart attack waiting to happen but on this day…I wanted to be a bit of a piggy.

This dish I will remember my whole life. It arrived with maple syrup drenched into the toast and bacon. I took my knife and fork and dug for gold and I sure found gold. That first bite was pure love. The texture of the French toast was soft like a pillow and the toast was thick, the sweetness was perfect with the maple syrup and all together with the bacon was bliss. I often think how much I can’t wait to go back and eat it again but then feel incredibly saddened as I remember that it was only the special for the day and I will probably never have it again 😦


I tried my boyfriends dish and that was yummy also, I found myself going to his dish every now and then and taking a little bit of it! (Like I said I wanted to be a piggy) I expected this dish to have a big curry flavour but it didn’t, the curry flavour was there but didn’t take over the dish which I guess is a good thing. It was creamy and full of goodness although one bit of sourdough bread was not enough to soak up that goodness, my boyfriend ended up ordering another slice of it to finish the dish off. IMG_4066

Location – Would be hard to find if you’re not from Melbourne or have never been to seven seeds before. Luckily my boyfriend has been here before and knew exactly where we were going. No parking

Price – Very well priced. Not expensive nor cheap.

Service – Lovely service. You could tell the workers there were happy to be there and were more than happy to be at your service.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere was great! Busy yet relaxed environment not overwhelming, felt very content in the space and surroundings.

Food – Good food with a lot of love put into it! Sort of like mum’s cooking, you can tell they put effort into every dish and do it with love and passion.

One of the number one places to go in Melbourne, we’ll one of my places anyway!

Love Love Love it!

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Seven Seeds – Melbourne

Rockpool Bar & Grill – Melbourne

Ahh Melbourne. The coffee, the food, the relaxation, the hotel….take me back!

During this trip all my boyfriend and I wanted to do was sleep in, drink coffee, swim, and go to great restaurants and that’s exactly what we did. Rockpool Bar & Grill is one of those amazing restaurants that we went too! What an experience.

We arrived at Rockpool at around 5:30pm. Which was perfect timing, the way the sun hit the restaurant was beautiful especially when the view is the Yarra River. We were seated and given menus, already feeling as though we’re royalty. A short time later our waiter came back with some complementary sour dough bread with butter that just melted as soon as it hit the bread. The way it should be instead of having to rip the bread as you try and spread the butter. We were then asked if we wanted a drink, I wasn’t sure what to get as a cocktail but I knew it had to have the taste of lemon, so our waited said that he would come back with the perfect drink, and boy did he!


A beautiful refreshing lemon and mint cocktail and with the boyfriend receiving a crisp lovely beer. A perfect start to the meal. As we sipped our drinks and had some of the bread we looked through the menu! I was stuck on whether I should get a steak of the Wagyu Bolognaise with Hand Cut Fettuccine, so we decided to learn more about the steak in asking our waiter the different cuts of meat. The cut of meat that stood out to me was the Skirt which is a cut from the plate of the beef and rather known for its flavour. Our waiter had great knowledge and ended up convincing me to get a steak. We ordered

  • (My Order) David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu Skirt steak 240g 37 days $42 (all wagyu from 9+ marble score animals)
  • T-Bone 400g 28 days $49 (Cape grim dry aged 36 month old grass fed)

and a side of

  • Potato Puree $10.

As we waited for our food to arrive, I took the time to take in the atmosphere and watch the chefs in the kitchen and to watch the sun setting on the river as our waiter came and filled up our glasses of water every time we were on our last drop. It truly was a perfect moment.

Our food arrived in a great amount of time and I was too excited to see the food in front of me.

I’ve never had skirt cut of meat before and what a great place to experience it for the first time. The steak was cooked perfectly medium! it was a rather incredibly rich, intense flavour, quite salty. Not the most tender bit of steak I’ve had but the flavour 100% made up for it. A beautifully yummy piece of meat that with every bite my mouth was full of flavour and delight.



My boyfriend also adored his steak as I remember him not talking much as he was eating it which means….one good steak.

The potato purée was light, fluffy, buttery and smooth. A perfect potato purée to go with the steak.

After we finished our steak we saw the table next to us receive their dessert, one look at each other and my boyfriend and I knew exactly what we were going to get for dessert.

We ordered the Caramel and candied pine nut chocolate mousse cake.

Once again, intense rich flavours. With this dish you only have to share it and have half each or not even. So many textures in this dessert. The candied pine nuts with the chocolate put me back into heaven. I loved the crunch of the pine nuts and then the silkiness of the chocolate. An amazing dessert to finish of a perfect night.


Location –  Prime location on the beautiful Southbank Yarra River in Melbourne.

Price – You pay for what you receive. Amazing quality food and service. Expensive but worth it for a special night out.

Service – Incredible. We felt welcomed and special. Everyone has exceptional knowledge about the food and our glasses of water were never empty.

Atmosphere – A relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. a rather rich like feel atmosphere. You can tell everyone in the restaurant is there for a good time and a perfect meal.

Food – Best quality food cooked to perfection with great flavour.

#1 steak goes to Rockpool Bar and Grill

I wouldn’t come here all the time even though it would be a dream too, but its a special restaurant for special times. You come here for the food and service and we left feeling incredibly satisfied and happy!

Can’t wait to try out the Rockpool in Sydney. Hopefully its as good as Melbourne.

Rockpool Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

Rockpool Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Rockpool Bar & Grill – Melbourne

Hurricane’s Grill – Brighton Le Sands

A family birthday lunch is always a lovely thing to do, especially when it involves a beautiful view and a good steak!

We decided to go to Hurricane’s Grill in Brighton le sands for my sisters birthday on Monday the 3rd of March. We arrived at around 12:50 in the afternoon with a booking at 12:30pm. Opps. But we didn’t even need a reservation because we were the only big group in the huge restaurateur with around 4 other tables which were couples.

We all sat down looking at the drinks menu. I ordered a the Hurricane’s Sunset cocktail.

HURRICANE’S SUNSET – Vodka, Cointreau, Lemon juice, Scoop of Lemon Sorbet and Aperol.

With the rest of my family also ordering some drinks which consisted of a Margarita, Salted Caramel Martini and a Hurricanes Punch.

While we waited for a drinks we took a look at the food menu. We were all stuck on whether to get a steak or a burger. Eventually we decided and we ordered.

  • (My ORDER) Rib Eye (350gm) a.k.a. scotch fillet, with chips and garlic sauce $35.00

Most of my family ordered burgers. Which included

  • Hurricane’s Beef Burger
  • Cheese & Bacon Burger
  • Pepper Burger 

There was also an order of the beef ribs and the surf and turf.

We also got a side order of garlic bread and Garlic Prawns.

Or order was taken and still no drinks. They bought out two drinks at a time which took ages. Not happy about that considering we were the only ones in the restaurant at this time now, we were just hoping our food wasn’t going to take this long.

Or drinks arrived and thank god they tasted good. My drink was refreshing and sweet. I love cocktails with lemon in them, such a lovely taste. Perfect drink to start the lunch.


Next to arrive was the garlic bread. Garlic bread is garlic bread but this was yummy, perfect crust with a crunch and beautifully soft bread which the perfect amount of garlic. I hate when I ordergarlic bread and i receive bread that’s hard bite into.


Our main meals arrived. The garlic prawns were shared around the table, I only had one as my steak was quite large. Prawns were lovely and cooked well with the right amount of garlic and seasoning. Yum, I could just have a whole bowl of that by itself.


Now it was time to dig into my steak. I haven’t had steak in so long, I was so looking forward to it! I ordered my steak medium and it was cooked nicely, pink and juicy in the middle. It was tender and full of flavour. I didn’t even eat it with the garlic sauce I ordered because it didn’t need it, the basting packed the steak with flavour. The chips were yummy is crispy with the perfect amount of salt. The garlic sauce was creamy and full of the right amount of garlic and went nice with the chips but I hardly touched it because the dish didn’t need it.

My cousin ordered the Hurricane’s Beef Burger without tomato. He said it was yummy, the beef patty was full of flavour and hit the spot. I never realized how big the beef patties were, they’re huge.



Location –  On the strip of Brighton Le Sands on the water, there is parking outside the restaurant which we easily got a spot but I can imagine on the weekends for dinner with would be hard to get a parking. Beautiful view of the beach in the restaurant. Great location

Price – I think its reasonably priced. $20 for a burger and my steak was $35 dollars and sauces come at $2.50 per serving cocktails range from $16-$18 dollars. Garlic bread costs $4.50 for 5-6 pieces per serving. Garlic prawns I thought were a bit expensive as a starter. $18 for like 5 prawns in a hot pot.

Service – Average. Not the best service ive received. As we were the only ones in the restaurant you would think we would be a priority but instead we felt as though we were a bother by being there. The man who took our order was nice and attentive but the waitress wasn’t nice, it was like we were a nuisance to her.

Atmosphere – A nice relaxed atmosphere but it was an empty venue so not much happening but also remember we went on a onday at lunch time

Food – You pay for what you get, great yummy fresh quality food which were served in good sized portions.

I recommend this restaurant for the food but not service. Hopefully the other chains have better service. If you want a flavoursome steak, its one of the places to go. Plus the view is a great  A+++++

Hurricane's Grill on Urbanspoon

Hurricane's Grill Brighton-Le-Sands on Urbanspoon

Hurricane's Grill on Urbanspoon

Hurricane’s Grill – Brighton Le Sands

Moo Gourmet Burgers – Crows Nest

Our main mission for the night was to go Kurtosh the beautiful Hungarian Cafe for a lovely coffee and sweet treat, but upon arriving we realized we actually haven’t had dinner, we decided to look around to see what crows nest had on offer for dinner, they’re were many Thai restaurants, guzman y gomez, an Italian place and a pub but of course much more on offer. We stumbled across Moo Gourmet Burgers which i have seen around in Newtown and on Bondi Beach and I was in the mood for a burger.

We walked into an empty restaurant…this got me worried as it was a Thursday night from what I remember and most places around looked to have a good decent amount of people in them. We ordered at the counter, I was a bit overwhelmed with the menu, so many burgers to choose from. I originally was going to have a chicken burger but then the Black and White burger got my attention.

Black and White Burger – 100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef, thick cut mozzarella, free range egg, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish.

Egg, Mayonnaise and thick cut mozzarella….This sounded like heaven to me!

As we were with friends we were told by them that we just HAD to have a Moo milkshake so we couldn’t say no to that.

TammyMOO: Tim Tam biscuit & chocolate syrup

With our order we also got a basket of hot chips.

Knowing that there was no one else in the restaurant we knew our orders would be quick and it was 🙂

First to arrive was the Milkshake! YUM! It was thick, chocolatey, creamy and cold. Just what it should be. The type of milkshake that you wouLd crave and could only go to moo burgers to get it. Image

Next was our burgers.

OH MY! YUM!!!! That thick thick mozzarella with the egg and that tomato relish was incredible! This was the perfect burger combo. All the ingredients were so yummy and that beef patty was thick and juicy with the perfect amount of seasoning.

The chips were nothing special. Just chunky chips with a light batter, cant go wrong.

It was really messy to eat but I’ve never had a burger that’s neat to eat, its the fun of getting into a good burger.


Location – Right in the middle of Crows Nest on Willoughby Rd. Bustling location.

Price – The burger prices range from $9.95 to $30, and the selection of sides range from $4.50 to $9.50.

Service – Average. Cant complain. There was only one person serving as the place was empty but she was present and helpful

Atmosphere – Fun atmosphere as they’re many drawings on the wall from previous customers, lots of timber furniture. I’m sure the atmosphere is better when there is more than 1 table in the restaurant which I don’t understand because the burgers are very good here.

Food – Fresh and full of flavour just what a good burger should be.

Overall it was a very pleasant meal and I recommend to anyone just looking for a good cheap meal when stuck on what to have for dinner when out.

And yes we did go to Kurtosh afterwards, you can never ever go wrong with that yummy place!

Moo Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon

Moo Gourmet Burgers – Crows Nest