Prime Restaurant – GPO Sydney

“Oh he wants to go to a steak house in the city” This is what my boyfriends mother told me on the phone when i asked her where we were going for her sons birthday. I just thought it was going to be a nice little steakhouse, nothing too fancy. Boy was i wrong! After researching Prime, i saw that it was named Sydney’s Best Steak and it was very very fancy. Not your typical steak house, this is something I’ve never experienced before.

On a Wednesday night,  My boyfriend and I and his family all walked into Martin Place in Sydney. Even walking to this place was an experience in its own. The restaurant is underground and opposite their entrance there holds a nightlife of restaurants which adds an extra exciting vibe. As we walked inside we were approached by a man in a nice lovely suit. He took us to our table and as we sat down he handed us our menus individually and open, ready for us to browse the menu.


We were served with a bread starter while we ordered our entrees. It was beautiful light sourdough bread with three homemade butters which consisted of mushroom, tomato & chorizo, pistachio butter. My favorite was the tomato and chorizo butter which was lovely on the bread.

For our entrees, we ordered the Terrine of wild rabbit with cherries and walnuts, char grilled tiger prawns with miso, fennel and gremolata (my favorite) and the wagyu tartare with wasabi mayo and a quail yolk. I have never had these flavors before and it was incredible. very high quality beautiful products. My favorite had to be the tiger prawns. I’m a sucker for seafood. I love it.

We then ordered our main meals. All 9 of us ordered the same meal. Prime Fillet.

I ordered the Prime fillet with potato puree and jus corse sauce.


All i can say is….wow! 

My steak was cooked to perfection (Medium) It was beautifully pink and juicy and tender. As soon as i cut into the steak it just came apart. The potato puree was to die for, it was silky and incredible with the roasted tomato’s. Yum! The jus corse sauce was perfect. It soaked into the steak and had a rich flavor.

It is safe to say….It really was the best steak I’ve ever had. I’m craving one talking about it now…mm.

My boyfriend ordered the Prime Fillet with House Cut Chips and Jus corse sauce which he seemed to enjoy very much.


We then ordered desserts to share. We had the Chocolate souffle with creme anglaise and yogurt ice cream, bombe Alaska with mandarin ice cream and cherry ice cream, chocolate sponge and Italian meringue.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the chocolate souffle, i enjoyed the bombe alaska which was so refreshing, sweet and delicate. I  suggest you try it!



Overall it was a perfect night and it lived up to my expectations. I recommend going there for an anniversary or birthday. Its a place for special occasions, not for every night dining, even though i would love to go there every night.

Location – Perfect but we found it hard to locate parking 7/10

Price – $$$$

Service – It was great!! Incredible service. Waiters were friendly and were able to have a laugh and joke with us whilst still being professional. 9/10

Atmosphere – Fine dining. I felt like i was in a fine dining restaurant in New York. 8/10

Food – Perfection! 9/10

Would i go back? OF COURSE
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Prime Restaurant – GPO Sydney

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