Cafe Mint – Surry Hills

It’s that time again! Friday night and looking for a new place to have a nice dinner, my favorite time of the week. We had a few options to choose from and a few hiccups on decided what to have, for some reason we could not decided on what we wanted and where we wanted to go but my boyfriend suggested Cafe Mint a modern middle eastern restaurant in Surry Hills which I was happy to try out after looking at their menu online.

We arrived at around 8:00pm, it was packed! We weren’t able to get a table but they offered us a place on the bar which I was happy with! The vibe of this place is very cozy and very relaxed.  Looking through the menu my eyes went straight for the Roasted Chicken, but as we looked through the menu more closely we decided to go for something new this time as we always have chicken. 

We ordered

  •  Mezze plate – House made hummus, babaganouj & muhammra with hot za’atar bread & olives. My boyfriend ordered and extra muhammra dip as it’s his favorite and I was excited to try it. $17
  • Ravioli – Filled with Roasted garlic & potato, topped with spicy slow cooked lamb
    mince, spices, caramelized onion and mint yoghurt $24

  • Lamb kefta – Lamb meatballs with zucchini & pistachio in a tomato sauce with
    olive & fennel seed on broad bean bissara & shaved fennel salad $25

Looking around at all the other diners food, I was getting pretty excited to try some this food. 

The Mezze plate was the first to arrive. 



Nothing better than bread and some dips! The muhammra dip was beautiful but for some reason I couldn’t get enough of that babaganouj dip! I could have just had that with a spoon. We eventually finished the za’atar bread but had so much more of the dip left so we asked for more bread. We ended up getting Turkish bread instead of the za’atar bread which was incredible. To be honest I wish we had been served the Turkish bread in the first place. It was thick, fluffy and perfect with the dips. 

Our next two dishes arrived. First the meatballs.


What a bowl of flavor. We only got three meatballs in this dish but the portions of the meatballs were HUGE! The lamb spices with the crunch of the pistachio was perfect. The tomato sauces was rich in flavor and added so much to the dish. I cant imagine coming back just for this dish, perfect for a warm winter dinner. We both had a meatball and a half each which was perfect because we have the ravioli to go yet.


The star of this dish has to be that mint yogurt. The ravioli was cooked al dente which was perfect! I was disappointed in the filling of the ravioli though. It was underwhelming. The texture of the potato was lovely but garlic? Where? I couldn’t taste the garlic but luckily that mint yogurt came to save the day! It was a bit tangy which I really enjoyed and that drenched in the spicy slow cooked lamb mince was divine. 

A lovely meal and would be very happy to return for the Mezze plate, the meatballs and try that chicken dish! 

Location –  Great! Right on Crown Street, may be difficult to find parking.

Price – Reasonable. For the two of us, three dishes in which we both shared, it came to around $70 dollars

Service – It was lovely service. The woman knew what she was talking about, she was cheerful and make our experience comfortable. 

Atmosphere – A great place for a date or for drinks with friends. It’s a small venue that sits around 40 people. The lighting is nice which adds to that cozy feel. I wasn’t a fan of how the door didn’t close properly and I would get hit with this cold air.

Food – Perfect middle eastern food with great spices and flavor. I will definitely be returning. It’s a new one to add to the list of places to go and recommend. 


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Cafe Mint – Surry Hills

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