Chiswick, Woollahra

I’m back and I’m starting it off with a BANG!!



Chiswick Restaurant and Bar is located in the Chiswick Gardens, Woollahra. Co-owned and operated by Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan. Many people have told me about this place and I’ve driven past it many times and it just looks beautiful when going past. So as I normally do, I went on the website to have a look at the menu, and straight away I knew this was my type of place! Great quality dishes and I sure was right.

I do recommend booking for a table at this place, It gets packed so quickly as it is a great restaurant. My boyfriend and I booked for the 17th of November to celebrate our anniversary together. We arrived around 7:30pm and it was packed already with business people, family’s friends and couples. We were seated next to the window with a great view of the bustling kitchen and to our surprise…Matt Moran was cooking so it was and extra bonus point for us to see that in person while we ate our meal. This restaurant is situated in the middle of an incredible garden with a contemporary dining room, casual bar area with a large communal table and shaded outside seating. Perfect for a drink at the bar, or special celebration or even a casual Sunday lunch with the family.

First we ordered our drinks. I ordered The Italian Job which consisted of Mandarin house infused Belvedere vodka, prosecco, limoncello, lemon & basil. So refreshing and lovely. and the boyfriend ordered his beer which was Young Henry Natural Lager, NSW.


From previously looking at the menu online we knew exactly what we wanted to order.

  • Rosemary Flatbread
  • Wood fired corn in the husk, chilli butter
  • Roast Holmbrae chicken, broad beans, potatoes, mint
  • Char grilled grain fed beef, roasted peppers, chimm ichurri
  • Waffles for dessert.

While we waited for our food to arrive, we enjoyed our great drinks, and enjoyed the lovely atmosphere of this restaurant and especially watching Matt Moran work his magic in the kitchen. I felt quite special dining here.

First our flatbread arrived on a wooden board cut up into 6 pieces. It was crisp and thin. The aroma of the rosemary was beautiful and fresh and the amount of salt was perfect, it got us excited for the rest of our meal. Image

The arrived the Corn. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the corn because I think I got a little too excited but the corn was fresh, sweet and juicy and the hint of chilli made the dish. Another perfect dish to start the meal.

Next arrived the Chicken and the Chargrill beef. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see two dishes on my table they both looked so amazing that we couldn’t wait to dig in!

I first went for the chicken. This has to be the best roasted chicken i have had in my life. It was so juicy and tender and just melted in your mouth. It was seasoned with salt which gave it a bit of a kick but I personally think it didn’t need the salt. I’ve been thinking about this chicken ever since we left the restaurant. So perfect.

Next was the Beef. Once again this dish was so full of flavour and cooked to perfection. Medium. Just how I like my beef cooked. The beef was smokey from the grill just how it should be. I wasn’t a fan of the fresh horseradish, I found it too overpowering for this dish and instead just had the lemon on the beef.


For days now my boyfriend has been raving about these waffles from Chiswick so I was more than happy to get those for dessert and boy was I not disappointed. OH MY GOD! Amazing! The best waffles I’ve had. They were soft yet crunchy and caramelized beautifully. The stand out of the dish had to be the ice cream. I think it was a butterscotch caramel ice cream…..i would have loved just a bowl of that. I highly recommend the waffles for dessert.


Location – Perfectly in the middle of the Chiswick Gardens. If feels like you’re invited to a private dinner party in the Hamptons. Not much parking but then again we walked.

Price – Reasonable for the quality of food and service that you receive. We shared all 5 dishes. Price came to $60 a head.

Service – It was lovely service. The woman knew what she was talking about, she was cheerful and make our experience comfortable and enjoyable

Atmosphere – Perfect for any occasion! With friends, family, business partners or your significant other. The inside is stunning, furbished with a lot of wood, white and green for a rustic feel, which made it  lovely and laid back. It would be even more beautiful during the day I can imagine. I’d do recommend coming around 5:30pm to see it in the daylight if you are coming for dinner.

Food – Incredibly tasty and cooked to perfection! You pay for what you get here with the quality of food and serivce, I couldn’t have been more happy! Such a beautiful experience


What a great way to celebrate with my handsome man! I can’t wait to come back during the day and enjoy the beautiful Gardens.

Thank You Chiswick! We’ll be back.

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Chiswick, Woollahra

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