El Loco – Surry Hills

“Let’s go to El Loco tonight!!”

I’ve heard so much about this place and every review I have read about El Loco just raved about it. So I thought I was in for a new food experience…

Got there around 6:00pm but of course there was no parking so we didnt end up getting in until 6:30. We walked in and I was so excited by the interior. I felt like I walked into a restaurant in the middle of mexico. A cute little hut at the front of the restaurant where you ordered your drinks and food. We first say down at a communal table…all by ourselves as the two seater tables were taken. From researching this place I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I sat down. We ended up ordering

  • Two (One Each) Carne Asada – lemongrass beef, salsa verde, Queso tacos.
  • Two (One Each) Pollo – chicken, sweet corn salsa tacos.
  • Corn Chips with guacamole and salsa,
  • Excelsior Hot Dog, Grilled pork Frankfurt served on a soft bun with pickled jalepenos, pico ge gallo, mayonnaise and cheese.

We both went to the bar to order. We got handed this gigantic cactus as our table number. This had the wow factor for me.  l loved it.


As we were ordering i took this time to take in the interior of this place. Its very thought out and clever. They have an open kitchen which everyone can see what is going on and cooking.


We sat back at our table and after 5 minutes of doing so, our food arrived. Got to love when your food arrives quickly.


The food looked great….if only it tasted great too….

unfortunately the tacos were underwhelming. The lemon grass beef taco didn’t have much flavour, the soft taco shell was flavourless and not enjoyable. The beef was chewy and not tender what so ever.

I then moved onto the hot dog! Now that was full of flavour but I was only able to have 3 mouthfuls of it at the cheese just over powered the whole dish, I ended up scraping the cheese off but by that stage I didn’t feel like it any more.


At this stage I was so disappointed that I just ended up munching on the corn chips and salsa which was good. Both my boyfriend and I were disappointed and said “Ever again”. By the end of the meal I realized that I hadn’t tried the chicken taco and to be honest it wasn’t the best dish but it was the best out of everything else. It was full of corn which I adore with any dish. I couldn’t really taste the chicken but every now and then I would get a taste of it and it was enjoyable.

Overall,  I think I had to high of an exception for this place and we left feeling hungry and dissatisfied.

Location – A lovely spot in Surry Hills, 5 minute walk from central station but as always in the city it was hard to find parking.

Price – $5 tacos and corn chips. Hot dog was $9. Cheap place but always resulted in their food.

Service – Meh. Thats all i have to say. You order at the bar, man at the bar was nice but not much interaction with staff

Atmosphere – Only thing i love about this place is the atmosphere. It cute and cosy with little Mexican touches. Piñatas hanging from the ceiling, The cactus table number was impressive and the Mexican skeleton sketches on the wall were fun to look at.

Food – Underwhelming, non tasteful, disappointing.

Only time I would recommend to come to this place is if your having a drink with friends and to munch on corn chips with margaritas.




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El Loco – Surry Hills

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