Moo Gourmet Burgers – Crows Nest

Our main mission for the night was to go Kurtosh the beautiful Hungarian Cafe for a lovely coffee and sweet treat, but upon arriving we realized we actually haven’t had dinner, we decided to look around to see what crows nest had on offer for dinner, they’re were many Thai restaurants, guzman y gomez, an Italian place and a pub but of course much more on offer. We stumbled across Moo Gourmet Burgers which i have seen around in Newtown and on Bondi Beach and I was in the mood for a burger.

We walked into an empty restaurant…this got me worried as it was a Thursday night from what I remember and most places around looked to have a good decent amount of people in them. We ordered at the counter, I was a bit overwhelmed with the menu, so many burgers to choose from. I originally was going to have a chicken burger but then the Black and White burger got my attention.

Black and White Burger – 100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef, thick cut mozzarella, free range egg, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish.

Egg, Mayonnaise and thick cut mozzarella….This sounded like heaven to me!

As we were with friends we were told by them that we just HAD to have a Moo milkshake so we couldn’t say no to that.

TammyMOO: Tim Tam biscuit & chocolate syrup

With our order we also got a basket of hot chips.

Knowing that there was no one else in the restaurant we knew our orders would be quick and it was 🙂

First to arrive was the Milkshake! YUM! It was thick, chocolatey, creamy and cold. Just what it should be. The type of milkshake that you wouLd crave and could only go to moo burgers to get it. Image

Next was our burgers.

OH MY! YUM!!!! That thick thick mozzarella with the egg and that tomato relish was incredible! This was the perfect burger combo. All the ingredients were so yummy and that beef patty was thick and juicy with the perfect amount of seasoning.

The chips were nothing special. Just chunky chips with a light batter, cant go wrong.

It was really messy to eat but I’ve never had a burger that’s neat to eat, its the fun of getting into a good burger.


Location – Right in the middle of Crows Nest on Willoughby Rd. Bustling location.

Price – The burger prices range from $9.95 to $30, and the selection of sides range from $4.50 to $9.50.

Service – Average. Cant complain. There was only one person serving as the place was empty but she was present and helpful

Atmosphere – Fun atmosphere as they’re many drawings on the wall from previous customers, lots of timber furniture. I’m sure the atmosphere is better when there is more than 1 table in the restaurant which I don’t understand because the burgers are very good here.

Food – Fresh and full of flavour just what a good burger should be.

Overall it was a very pleasant meal and I recommend to anyone just looking for a good cheap meal when stuck on what to have for dinner when out.

And yes we did go to Kurtosh afterwards, you can never ever go wrong with that yummy place!

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Moo Gourmet Burgers – Crows Nest

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