Rockpool Bar & Grill – Melbourne

Ahh Melbourne. The coffee, the food, the relaxation, the hotel….take me back!

During this trip all my boyfriend and I wanted to do was sleep in, drink coffee, swim, and go to great restaurants and that’s exactly what we did. Rockpool Bar & Grill is one of those amazing restaurants that we went too! What an experience.

We arrived at Rockpool at around 5:30pm. Which was perfect timing, the way the sun hit the restaurant was beautiful especially when the view is the Yarra River. We were seated and given menus, already feeling as though we’re royalty. A short time later our waiter came back with some complementary sour dough bread with butter that just melted as soon as it hit the bread. The way it should be instead of having to rip the bread as you try and spread the butter. We were then asked if we wanted a drink, I wasn’t sure what to get as a cocktail but I knew it had to have the taste of lemon, so our waited said that he would come back with the perfect drink, and boy did he!


A beautiful refreshing lemon and mint cocktail and with the boyfriend receiving a crisp lovely beer. A perfect start to the meal. As we sipped our drinks and had some of the bread we looked through the menu! I was stuck on whether I should get a steak of the Wagyu Bolognaise with Hand Cut Fettuccine, so we decided to learn more about the steak in asking our waiter the different cuts of meat. The cut of meat that stood out to me was the Skirt which is a cut from the plate of the beef and rather known for its flavour. Our waiter had great knowledge and ended up convincing me to get a steak. We ordered

  • (My Order) David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu Skirt steak 240g 37 days $42 (all wagyu from 9+ marble score animals)
  • T-Bone 400g 28 days $49 (Cape grim dry aged 36 month old grass fed)

and a side of

  • Potato Puree $10.

As we waited for our food to arrive, I took the time to take in the atmosphere and watch the chefs in the kitchen and to watch the sun setting on the river as our waiter came and filled up our glasses of water every time we were on our last drop. It truly was a perfect moment.

Our food arrived in a great amount of time and I was too excited to see the food in front of me.

I’ve never had skirt cut of meat before and what a great place to experience it for the first time. The steak was cooked perfectly medium! it was a rather incredibly rich, intense flavour, quite salty. Not the most tender bit of steak I’ve had but the flavour 100% made up for it. A beautifully yummy piece of meat that with every bite my mouth was full of flavour and delight.



My boyfriend also adored his steak as I remember him not talking much as he was eating it which means….one good steak.

The potato purée was light, fluffy, buttery and smooth. A perfect potato purée to go with the steak.

After we finished our steak we saw the table next to us receive their dessert, one look at each other and my boyfriend and I knew exactly what we were going to get for dessert.

We ordered the Caramel and candied pine nut chocolate mousse cake.

Once again, intense rich flavours. With this dish you only have to share it and have half each or not even. So many textures in this dessert. The candied pine nuts with the chocolate put me back into heaven. I loved the crunch of the pine nuts and then the silkiness of the chocolate. An amazing dessert to finish of a perfect night.


Location –  Prime location on the beautiful Southbank Yarra River in Melbourne.

Price – You pay for what you receive. Amazing quality food and service. Expensive but worth it for a special night out.

Service – Incredible. We felt welcomed and special. Everyone has exceptional knowledge about the food and our glasses of water were never empty.

Atmosphere – A relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. a rather rich like feel atmosphere. You can tell everyone in the restaurant is there for a good time and a perfect meal.

Food – Best quality food cooked to perfection with great flavour.

#1 steak goes to Rockpool Bar and Grill

I wouldn’t come here all the time even though it would be a dream too, but its a special restaurant for special times. You come here for the food and service and we left feeling incredibly satisfied and happy!

Can’t wait to try out the Rockpool in Sydney. Hopefully its as good as Melbourne.

Rockpool Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

Rockpool Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Rockpool Bar & Grill – Melbourne

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