The Potting Shed – The Grounds Of Alexandria

I’ve always loved the concept of the grounds. I find it fun and exciting and I was overly excited to find out that they now have a new dinner restaurant called The Potting Shed which also serves lunch. I couldn’t wait to see what concept this one was and more importantly what food they served, if it was like the grounds or completely different.

We went on a Friday night which I was a bit nervous about, thinking there would be an hour long wait. We pulled up to the parking lot and got a park pretty much straight away which you’ve got to love when that happens. We step out of the car and heard country/western type of music playing and then at the entrance we see a big fire pit with people standing around toasting marshmallows on a stick, see I knew I was going to get a new exciting concept from this new place and I haven’t even step inside yet.

We approach the stand at the entrance and ask a seat for two and we got at table within that split second, I was shocked, I for sure though there was going to be a wait. YAY. We were put under the heater which I was thankful for because it was a freezing night. We were given the menus and then left to decide.

Continuing on with the potting shed concept the menus have a shovel topped clipboard and the food on it looks great. First we decided to order some drinks. I ordered a cocktail and then my boyfriend had a beer. I must say the cocktail list was rather interested. Wasabi paste, capsicum, carrot with young tequila. Unfortunately I didn’t order that one, I ordered an orange, mint lemon vodka cocktail with my boyfriend getting a local beer. My cocktail was refreshing and not too strong.


The menu is typical “Grounds” with burgers, chicken, steak and things like school prawns and mini hot dogs. My boyfriend and I ordered the following:

  • Marinated Warm Olives
  • Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken and honey mustard 
  • Chips with Aioli and Tomato Jam 
  • Holmbre Chicken with fenugreek, coriander, walnuts,pomegranate, cucumber, radish and greens 
  • Pasture-Fed Angus Eye Fillet, 250G with Veal Jus and seasonal vegetables 

First to come to the table were the first two starters. The olives and the Buttermilk Chicken

You can’t go wrong with marinated warm olives. I could eat them any time of the day. They were warm and marinated perfectly. So good and thank god they put a lot of green olives, they’re my favourite and normally when I order them there is only 2 or three greens ones. How cute are the little wooden pick up sticks too. Creative idea.


The buttermilk popcorn chicken was served to the table piping hot which is always great because you know they’re fresh, but a little too hot for me that I had to wait a little to eat them but I was happy to keep eating the olives. Once they were cooled down I got stuck into the chicken. The chicken was juicy and tender coated with a delicious buttery crumb with a great amount of seasoning .The honey mustard worked well with the chicken but I would have preferred aioli, I’m not much of a mustard fan.


(Bad quality photo, sorry)

Next our chips and our mains arrived. The chips were served in a gardening pot, as you can tell, most of the food here is. Also served with Aioli and Tomato Jam. The chips were crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, Beautiful batter and the condiments that came with is were just as good, the aioli was perfect (ended up using the aioli for the left over popcorn chicken ) and the tomato jam was sweet. Great combination.


Now onto the mains. I had the Half Holmbre Chicken with fenugreek, coriander, walnuts,pomegranate, cucumber, radish and greens. What a beautiful dish. The chicken has been cooked for 3 hours and then chargrilled to give it that strong smoky flavour. The Chicken was tender and juicy. I’ve never had walnuts and pomegranate with chicken before but the little burst of sweetness and crunch from the walnuts gave the dish a whole new flavour. To die for. It was served with a jus but to be honest I didn’t used it, the dish didn’t need it and the jus didn’t have much flavour anyway. The cucumber and radish was a nice touch. I see this more of a summer dish than a winter dish because of all the sweet and fresh flavours.


My boyfriend had the Pasture-Fed Angus Eye Fillet, 250G with Veal Jus and seasonal vegetables and horseradish butter

He said that the meat was cooked to his liking (medium) and that the vegetables were crisp and just what he needed. Not sure he was a fan of the veal jus and the butter though. Look how adorable that cutting knife is and the little cow sign saying “medium” Cute little touches like that impress me.



Location – The Potting Shed is right in Alexandria situated at The Grounds surrounded my other restaurants and food outlets like Vicinity Dining and Salt, Meat & Cheese and of course The Grounds Of Alexandria. Not a lot of parking so make sure to get there early.

Price – Reasonably priced. With all the side dishes we ordered which were $6 dollars each and the popcorn chicken being $12 and our main meals being $30 dollars each. I find it to be good, could be a little cheaper but on the other hand, everything should be a little cheaper these days haha.

Service – Service was nice and polite, not too much interaction but when there was, it was polite and and friendly. Nothing to complain about. They had good knowledge about the food on offer.

Atmosphere – GREAT ATMOSPHERE! I loved it. Perfect music playing and the lighting was romantic, with the wait staff dressed as though they were in a modern country fit out. You heard people laughing and having a good time. Perfect for a romantic night out or for a get together with friends or work colleagues.


Food – Great produce which was fresh and cooked perfectly and everything was seasoned well and had great condiments to go with the dishes.

I will definitely be back. Everything from the fire pit out the front, to the music and design, to the cute little garden pots which were served with chips and chicken in the, to the little butcher cutting knife. I’m extremely excited to see what they’re summer menu will be like.


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The Potting Shed – The Grounds Of Alexandria

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