Harry’s Bondi – Dinner

Harry’s Bondi!! This is my favourite spot in Bondi.

I was a regular customer here for the past 2 years before the new renovations started, I was in love with it back then but now I’ve fallen head over heels. This renovation has changed Harry’s in a tremendous way! Such a modern gorgeous new lay out of turquoise blue with golds, marble, timber and a hint of black.

My boyfriend and I have already been to the new Harry’s at least 10 times since it reopened for Breakfast! Now unfortunately this isn’t a breakfast review, instead its a dinner review. I was so excited to find out they were opening for dinner for the first time ever.

Harry’s is stunning in the day, you can imagine how amazing it looks at night with the gold really shinning through with the timber…oh and of course that beautiful Bondi lifestyle surrounding you.


I had already heard the hype about how good the dinner menu is, so you can imagine I was like a little kid on Christmas when I saw that menu for the first time. It’s a very simple menu with not a whole lot of options to choose from but enough for everyone to be able to enjoy (vegetarians, meat, seafood lovers)

What we ordered:

  • Watermelon and Mint Soda
  • Green Tea Lemonade Soda 
  • Crab Spaghetinni – Crab Meat ,Spaghettini with Chili and Parsley.
  • Pan Roasted Holmbre Chicken – Half Chicken, roast carrots, brussel sprouts and grapes
  • Sweet Potato Fries

I always love how I get treated at Harry’s, it’s like you’re best friends with the team and you know they’ll take great care of you. Looking around you see the staff interact with the customers, talking about family and friends so you get this Harry community feeling as everyone has been customers for a very long time and everyone knows each other.



Lovely refreshing drinks on a summer night. I had the green tea lemonade which was very yummy but a bit too sour for my liking, i would have loved to taste more of that green tea. I tried the watermelon and mint soda and kicking myself that i didnt order that drink, it was so scrumptious with the right amount of flavours, none of them over powering each other. I’ll be ordering this one next time.

Our Food has arrived!!


My oh my that pasta looks divine and it sure tasted like heaven!



The pasta is cooked to perfection, al dente just how I like it with a bite to it. Its beautifully seasoned with lemon juice and a good amount of salt. I was surprised at the generous amount of crab on the plate with big chunks underneath all that pasta, crab meat was cooked perfectly and just broke apart, very tender. The dish could have done with a little bit more of chilli, there was a kick to it but maybe I just love my chilli. The parsley bought the dish together giving it the freshness that made it so lovely and enjoyable to eat.

The boyfriend had the Half Holmbre Chicken. The chicken was tender and juicy and the sweetness of the grapes made the dish really special aswell as those sticky carrots. Yum. Cannot go wrong with this dish.


The sweet potato fries just added something extra to our dishes! I always have sweet potato at home but the way its cooked it is completely different to how its done at home and I prefer the way it’s done at Harry’s! The fries are not oily, obviously they have been baked, perfectly crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, gotta love the crinkle in them too. Would love to possibly have some mayo on the side.



The night was going so smoothly, great food and service when we then got complimentary desserts sent to our table….like i said, we were treated like best friends! Amazing


  • PannacotaFresh Raspberries and Chambord
  • Eton Mess – Strawberry meringue, Chantilly cream and micro herbs

These desserts are picture perfect that you feel mean for destroying them.

Both desserts were fresh and full of sweet goodness. My favourite had to be the Pannacota, omg…perfection, the silkiness of that pannacota with the crunchiness of the topping and the burst of raspberries on top.  I did not want to share it but unfortunately I had to with the boyfriend.

The Eton mess was lovely too with the strawberry meringue perfectly soft and chewy not crunchy and hard which I hate and the reason why I never order meringue desserts but i will be ordering this one, the Chantilly cream and the mirco herbs were a great match with the fresh fruit.

IMG_8878 IMG_8880





Location – Harry’s is located in North Bondi right opposite  Camilla’s Beach House, beautiful location 2 minute walk to the beach. Address – 136 Wairoa Ave Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Price – Reasonably priced. With the drinks ranging from $6-$7.50 (all being non alcoholic and home made sodas). Mains ranging from $22 – $29 dollars and the sides being $8 and desserts both $12. – 10/10

Service – I love the service at Harry’s, I’ve said it all throughout the review that as being a customer for a number of years, Harry, Chris and Shirly all make sure that you feel like you’re at home and take extra care of you and it feels like one big family. Cannot rave about the service enough 10/10

Atmosphere – Bondi Lifestyle atmosphere! You can tell everyone is so laid back here, and is just there to have a good time with friends and family. I recommend  for couples families, friends, work meetings, girl cocktails and i could go on…. 10/10

Please make sure you check out the newly renovated Harry’s Bondi and support them in this new business venture! You wont be dissapointed.

I will next be doing a breakfast review and its just as good as this one! Keep an eye out!

It’s good to be back!!!

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Harry’s Bondi – Dinner

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