Zeus Street Greek – Rosebery


Zeus Street Greek, there’s no secret that lately I  have become a massive fan of Greek food, mainly going to GRK Souvlaki in Mascot but as soon as Zeus opened close by I knew I had to stop in and see what the fuss was about.

Upon walking in, there were multiple staff ready to great customers and already by 6pm it was packed and a waiting list happening, the fit out was stunning and a great consistency with their other branches. Lucky we just missed the waiting list and got a table straight away.

There is not table service at this restaurant, there is a menu on the table and when you are ready you go up to the counter and order.

First thing I noticed in the kitchen was the amazing open fire charcoal spit, I love being able to see how they cook my dinner and have that amazing smell throughout a restaurant. Nothing better!


I ordered just the Nude chicken with a side of Haloumi. – The nude chicken came in a lovely little ceramic pot to keep the heat and juices in. The meat was beautifully tender with a great mix of herbs and lemon juice, the taste of the charcoal cut those the lemon juice and made for a yummy dish, this also came with a side of Tzatziki which was refreshing.



The boyfriend ordered the Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Classic –  Chicken, then he also ordered a side of corn which we both shared. The dish look very yummy, not massive which I was surprised about, the size of the Pita was good compared to all the huge pita’s you can get from other Greek places. The boyfriend looks like he thoroughly enjoyed it and said he would be back in a heart beat!

The corn was also delicious, the cheese cut through the sweetness of the corn, I loved it, perfect side to our dinner.


Location – Nicely tucked away from Botany Road , in a residential area (I’ d be a happy resident if this place opened opposite my house)  Address – 2/34 MORLEY AVENUE ROSEBERY NSW 2018 7/10

Price – Reasonably priced. The Pita cost $10.50 with the Nude chicken being more expensive at $15.50 (a little overpriced maybe) and the sides cost between $9-$11 dollars each. 7/10

Service – You don’t get much interaction from the staff other then when you are greeted at the door and when ordering. The interaction we had way lovely and not pushy at all for us to get out to accommodate everyone on the wait list 8/10

Atmosphere – Atmosphere was busy and happening, its more of a modern feel, you don’t get much feel of the culture other than the food and the Greek salt. 7/10

I will be returning here for a yummy dinner very soon. Great restaurant with hearty food for a quick catch up with family/friends or a quick bite when you’re on the road.


Zeus Street Greek – Rosebery

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