Rockpool Bar & Grill – Melbourne

Ahh Melbourne. The coffee, the food, the relaxation, the hotel….take me back!

During this trip all my boyfriend and I wanted to do was sleep in, drink coffee, swim, and go to great restaurants and that’s exactly what we did. Rockpool Bar & Grill is one of those amazing restaurants that we went too! What an experience.

We arrived at Rockpool at around 5:30pm. Which was perfect timing, the way the sun hit the restaurant was beautiful especially when the view is the Yarra River. We were seated and given menus, already feeling as though we’re royalty. A short time later our waiter came back with some complementary sour dough bread with butter that just melted as soon as it hit the bread. The way it should be instead of having to rip the bread as you try and spread the butter. We were then asked if we wanted a drink, I wasn’t sure what to get as a cocktail but I knew it had to have the taste of lemon, so our waited said that he would come back with the perfect drink, and boy did he!


A beautiful refreshing lemon and mint cocktail and with the boyfriend receiving a crisp lovely beer. A perfect start to the meal. As we sipped our drinks and had some of the bread we looked through the menu! I was stuck on whether I should get a steak of the Wagyu Bolognaise with Hand Cut Fettuccine, so we decided to learn more about the steak in asking our waiter the different cuts of meat. The cut of meat that stood out to me was the Skirt which is a cut from the plate of the beef and rather known for its flavour. Our waiter had great knowledge and ended up convincing me to get a steak. We ordered

  • (My Order) David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu Skirt steak 240g 37 days $42 (all wagyu from 9+ marble score animals)
  • T-Bone 400g 28 days $49 (Cape grim dry aged 36 month old grass fed)

and a side of

  • Potato Puree $10.

As we waited for our food to arrive, I took the time to take in the atmosphere and watch the chefs in the kitchen and to watch the sun setting on the river as our waiter came and filled up our glasses of water every time we were on our last drop. It truly was a perfect moment.

Our food arrived in a great amount of time and I was too excited to see the food in front of me.

I’ve never had skirt cut of meat before and what a great place to experience it for the first time. The steak was cooked perfectly medium! it was a rather incredibly rich, intense flavour, quite salty. Not the most tender bit of steak I’ve had but the flavour 100% made up for it. A beautifully yummy piece of meat that with every bite my mouth was full of flavour and delight.



My boyfriend also adored his steak as I remember him not talking much as he was eating it which means….one good steak.

The potato purée was light, fluffy, buttery and smooth. A perfect potato purée to go with the steak.

After we finished our steak we saw the table next to us receive their dessert, one look at each other and my boyfriend and I knew exactly what we were going to get for dessert.

We ordered the Caramel and candied pine nut chocolate mousse cake.

Once again, intense rich flavours. With this dish you only have to share it and have half each or not even. So many textures in this dessert. The candied pine nuts with the chocolate put me back into heaven. I loved the crunch of the pine nuts and then the silkiness of the chocolate. An amazing dessert to finish of a perfect night.


Location –  Prime location on the beautiful Southbank Yarra River in Melbourne.

Price – You pay for what you receive. Amazing quality food and service. Expensive but worth it for a special night out.

Service – Incredible. We felt welcomed and special. Everyone has exceptional knowledge about the food and our glasses of water were never empty.

Atmosphere – A relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. a rather rich like feel atmosphere. You can tell everyone in the restaurant is there for a good time and a perfect meal.

Food – Best quality food cooked to perfection with great flavour.

#1 steak goes to Rockpool Bar and Grill

I wouldn’t come here all the time even though it would be a dream too, but its a special restaurant for special times. You come here for the food and service and we left feeling incredibly satisfied and happy!

Can’t wait to try out the Rockpool in Sydney. Hopefully its as good as Melbourne.

Rockpool Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

Rockpool Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Rockpool Bar & Grill – Melbourne

Hurricane’s Grill – Brighton Le Sands

A family birthday lunch is always a lovely thing to do, especially when it involves a beautiful view and a good steak!

We decided to go to Hurricane’s Grill in Brighton le sands for my sisters birthday on Monday the 3rd of March. We arrived at around 12:50 in the afternoon with a booking at 12:30pm. Opps. But we didn’t even need a reservation because we were the only big group in the huge restaurateur with around 4 other tables which were couples.

We all sat down looking at the drinks menu. I ordered a the Hurricane’s Sunset cocktail.

HURRICANE’S SUNSET – Vodka, Cointreau, Lemon juice, Scoop of Lemon Sorbet and Aperol.

With the rest of my family also ordering some drinks which consisted of a Margarita, Salted Caramel Martini and a Hurricanes Punch.

While we waited for a drinks we took a look at the food menu. We were all stuck on whether to get a steak or a burger. Eventually we decided and we ordered.

  • (My ORDER) Rib Eye (350gm) a.k.a. scotch fillet, with chips and garlic sauce $35.00

Most of my family ordered burgers. Which included

  • Hurricane’s Beef Burger
  • Cheese & Bacon Burger
  • Pepper Burger 

There was also an order of the beef ribs and the surf and turf.

We also got a side order of garlic bread and Garlic Prawns.

Or order was taken and still no drinks. They bought out two drinks at a time which took ages. Not happy about that considering we were the only ones in the restaurant at this time now, we were just hoping our food wasn’t going to take this long.

Or drinks arrived and thank god they tasted good. My drink was refreshing and sweet. I love cocktails with lemon in them, such a lovely taste. Perfect drink to start the lunch.


Next to arrive was the garlic bread. Garlic bread is garlic bread but this was yummy, perfect crust with a crunch and beautifully soft bread which the perfect amount of garlic. I hate when I ordergarlic bread and i receive bread that’s hard bite into.


Our main meals arrived. The garlic prawns were shared around the table, I only had one as my steak was quite large. Prawns were lovely and cooked well with the right amount of garlic and seasoning. Yum, I could just have a whole bowl of that by itself.


Now it was time to dig into my steak. I haven’t had steak in so long, I was so looking forward to it! I ordered my steak medium and it was cooked nicely, pink and juicy in the middle. It was tender and full of flavour. I didn’t even eat it with the garlic sauce I ordered because it didn’t need it, the basting packed the steak with flavour. The chips were yummy is crispy with the perfect amount of salt. The garlic sauce was creamy and full of the right amount of garlic and went nice with the chips but I hardly touched it because the dish didn’t need it.

My cousin ordered the Hurricane’s Beef Burger without tomato. He said it was yummy, the beef patty was full of flavour and hit the spot. I never realized how big the beef patties were, they’re huge.



Location –  On the strip of Brighton Le Sands on the water, there is parking outside the restaurant which we easily got a spot but I can imagine on the weekends for dinner with would be hard to get a parking. Beautiful view of the beach in the restaurant. Great location

Price – I think its reasonably priced. $20 for a burger and my steak was $35 dollars and sauces come at $2.50 per serving cocktails range from $16-$18 dollars. Garlic bread costs $4.50 for 5-6 pieces per serving. Garlic prawns I thought were a bit expensive as a starter. $18 for like 5 prawns in a hot pot.

Service – Average. Not the best service ive received. As we were the only ones in the restaurant you would think we would be a priority but instead we felt as though we were a bother by being there. The man who took our order was nice and attentive but the waitress wasn’t nice, it was like we were a nuisance to her.

Atmosphere – A nice relaxed atmosphere but it was an empty venue so not much happening but also remember we went on a onday at lunch time

Food – You pay for what you get, great yummy fresh quality food which were served in good sized portions.

I recommend this restaurant for the food but not service. Hopefully the other chains have better service. If you want a flavoursome steak, its one of the places to go. Plus the view is a great  A+++++

Hurricane's Grill on Urbanspoon

Hurricane's Grill Brighton-Le-Sands on Urbanspoon

Hurricane's Grill on Urbanspoon

Hurricane’s Grill – Brighton Le Sands

Moo Gourmet Burgers – Crows Nest

Our main mission for the night was to go Kurtosh the beautiful Hungarian Cafe for a lovely coffee and sweet treat, but upon arriving we realized we actually haven’t had dinner, we decided to look around to see what crows nest had on offer for dinner, they’re were many Thai restaurants, guzman y gomez, an Italian place and a pub but of course much more on offer. We stumbled across Moo Gourmet Burgers which i have seen around in Newtown and on Bondi Beach and I was in the mood for a burger.

We walked into an empty restaurant…this got me worried as it was a Thursday night from what I remember and most places around looked to have a good decent amount of people in them. We ordered at the counter, I was a bit overwhelmed with the menu, so many burgers to choose from. I originally was going to have a chicken burger but then the Black and White burger got my attention.

Black and White Burger – 100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef, thick cut mozzarella, free range egg, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish.

Egg, Mayonnaise and thick cut mozzarella….This sounded like heaven to me!

As we were with friends we were told by them that we just HAD to have a Moo milkshake so we couldn’t say no to that.

TammyMOO: Tim Tam biscuit & chocolate syrup

With our order we also got a basket of hot chips.

Knowing that there was no one else in the restaurant we knew our orders would be quick and it was 🙂

First to arrive was the Milkshake! YUM! It was thick, chocolatey, creamy and cold. Just what it should be. The type of milkshake that you wouLd crave and could only go to moo burgers to get it. Image

Next was our burgers.

OH MY! YUM!!!! That thick thick mozzarella with the egg and that tomato relish was incredible! This was the perfect burger combo. All the ingredients were so yummy and that beef patty was thick and juicy with the perfect amount of seasoning.

The chips were nothing special. Just chunky chips with a light batter, cant go wrong.

It was really messy to eat but I’ve never had a burger that’s neat to eat, its the fun of getting into a good burger.


Location – Right in the middle of Crows Nest on Willoughby Rd. Bustling location.

Price – The burger prices range from $9.95 to $30, and the selection of sides range from $4.50 to $9.50.

Service – Average. Cant complain. There was only one person serving as the place was empty but she was present and helpful

Atmosphere – Fun atmosphere as they’re many drawings on the wall from previous customers, lots of timber furniture. I’m sure the atmosphere is better when there is more than 1 table in the restaurant which I don’t understand because the burgers are very good here.

Food – Fresh and full of flavour just what a good burger should be.

Overall it was a very pleasant meal and I recommend to anyone just looking for a good cheap meal when stuck on what to have for dinner when out.

And yes we did go to Kurtosh afterwards, you can never ever go wrong with that yummy place!

Moo Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon

Moo Gourmet Burgers – Crows Nest

El Loco – Surry Hills

“Let’s go to El Loco tonight!!”

I’ve heard so much about this place and every review I have read about El Loco just raved about it. So I thought I was in for a new food experience…

Got there around 6:00pm but of course there was no parking so we didnt end up getting in until 6:30. We walked in and I was so excited by the interior. I felt like I walked into a restaurant in the middle of mexico. A cute little hut at the front of the restaurant where you ordered your drinks and food. We first say down at a communal table…all by ourselves as the two seater tables were taken. From researching this place I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I sat down. We ended up ordering

  • Two (One Each) Carne Asada – lemongrass beef, salsa verde, Queso tacos.
  • Two (One Each) Pollo – chicken, sweet corn salsa tacos.
  • Corn Chips with guacamole and salsa,
  • Excelsior Hot Dog, Grilled pork Frankfurt served on a soft bun with pickled jalepenos, pico ge gallo, mayonnaise and cheese.

We both went to the bar to order. We got handed this gigantic cactus as our table number. This had the wow factor for me.  l loved it.


As we were ordering i took this time to take in the interior of this place. Its very thought out and clever. They have an open kitchen which everyone can see what is going on and cooking.


We sat back at our table and after 5 minutes of doing so, our food arrived. Got to love when your food arrives quickly.


The food looked great….if only it tasted great too….

unfortunately the tacos were underwhelming. The lemon grass beef taco didn’t have much flavour, the soft taco shell was flavourless and not enjoyable. The beef was chewy and not tender what so ever.

I then moved onto the hot dog! Now that was full of flavour but I was only able to have 3 mouthfuls of it at the cheese just over powered the whole dish, I ended up scraping the cheese off but by that stage I didn’t feel like it any more.


At this stage I was so disappointed that I just ended up munching on the corn chips and salsa which was good. Both my boyfriend and I were disappointed and said “Ever again”. By the end of the meal I realized that I hadn’t tried the chicken taco and to be honest it wasn’t the best dish but it was the best out of everything else. It was full of corn which I adore with any dish. I couldn’t really taste the chicken but every now and then I would get a taste of it and it was enjoyable.

Overall,  I think I had to high of an exception for this place and we left feeling hungry and dissatisfied.

Location – A lovely spot in Surry Hills, 5 minute walk from central station but as always in the city it was hard to find parking.

Price – $5 tacos and corn chips. Hot dog was $9. Cheap place but always resulted in their food.

Service – Meh. Thats all i have to say. You order at the bar, man at the bar was nice but not much interaction with staff

Atmosphere – Only thing i love about this place is the atmosphere. It cute and cosy with little Mexican touches. Piñatas hanging from the ceiling, The cactus table number was impressive and the Mexican skeleton sketches on the wall were fun to look at.

Food – Underwhelming, non tasteful, disappointing.

Only time I would recommend to come to this place is if your having a drink with friends and to munch on corn chips with margaritas.




El Loco on Urbanspoon

El Loco – Surry Hills

Chiswick, Woollahra

I’m back and I’m starting it off with a BANG!!



Chiswick Restaurant and Bar is located in the Chiswick Gardens, Woollahra. Co-owned and operated by Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan. Many people have told me about this place and I’ve driven past it many times and it just looks beautiful when going past. So as I normally do, I went on the website to have a look at the menu, and straight away I knew this was my type of place! Great quality dishes and I sure was right.

I do recommend booking for a table at this place, It gets packed so quickly as it is a great restaurant. My boyfriend and I booked for the 17th of November to celebrate our anniversary together. We arrived around 7:30pm and it was packed already with business people, family’s friends and couples. We were seated next to the window with a great view of the bustling kitchen and to our surprise…Matt Moran was cooking so it was and extra bonus point for us to see that in person while we ate our meal. This restaurant is situated in the middle of an incredible garden with a contemporary dining room, casual bar area with a large communal table and shaded outside seating. Perfect for a drink at the bar, or special celebration or even a casual Sunday lunch with the family.

First we ordered our drinks. I ordered The Italian Job which consisted of Mandarin house infused Belvedere vodka, prosecco, limoncello, lemon & basil. So refreshing and lovely. and the boyfriend ordered his beer which was Young Henry Natural Lager, NSW.


From previously looking at the menu online we knew exactly what we wanted to order.

  • Rosemary Flatbread
  • Wood fired corn in the husk, chilli butter
  • Roast Holmbrae chicken, broad beans, potatoes, mint
  • Char grilled grain fed beef, roasted peppers, chimm ichurri
  • Waffles for dessert.

While we waited for our food to arrive, we enjoyed our great drinks, and enjoyed the lovely atmosphere of this restaurant and especially watching Matt Moran work his magic in the kitchen. I felt quite special dining here.

First our flatbread arrived on a wooden board cut up into 6 pieces. It was crisp and thin. The aroma of the rosemary was beautiful and fresh and the amount of salt was perfect, it got us excited for the rest of our meal. Image

The arrived the Corn. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the corn because I think I got a little too excited but the corn was fresh, sweet and juicy and the hint of chilli made the dish. Another perfect dish to start the meal.

Next arrived the Chicken and the Chargrill beef. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see two dishes on my table they both looked so amazing that we couldn’t wait to dig in!

I first went for the chicken. This has to be the best roasted chicken i have had in my life. It was so juicy and tender and just melted in your mouth. It was seasoned with salt which gave it a bit of a kick but I personally think it didn’t need the salt. I’ve been thinking about this chicken ever since we left the restaurant. So perfect.

Next was the Beef. Once again this dish was so full of flavour and cooked to perfection. Medium. Just how I like my beef cooked. The beef was smokey from the grill just how it should be. I wasn’t a fan of the fresh horseradish, I found it too overpowering for this dish and instead just had the lemon on the beef.


For days now my boyfriend has been raving about these waffles from Chiswick so I was more than happy to get those for dessert and boy was I not disappointed. OH MY GOD! Amazing! The best waffles I’ve had. They were soft yet crunchy and caramelized beautifully. The stand out of the dish had to be the ice cream. I think it was a butterscotch caramel ice cream…..i would have loved just a bowl of that. I highly recommend the waffles for dessert.


Location – Perfectly in the middle of the Chiswick Gardens. If feels like you’re invited to a private dinner party in the Hamptons. Not much parking but then again we walked.

Price – Reasonable for the quality of food and service that you receive. We shared all 5 dishes. Price came to $60 a head.

Service – It was lovely service. The woman knew what she was talking about, she was cheerful and make our experience comfortable and enjoyable

Atmosphere – Perfect for any occasion! With friends, family, business partners or your significant other. The inside is stunning, furbished with a lot of wood, white and green for a rustic feel, which made it  lovely and laid back. It would be even more beautiful during the day I can imagine. I’d do recommend coming around 5:30pm to see it in the daylight if you are coming for dinner.

Food – Incredibly tasty and cooked to perfection! You pay for what you get here with the quality of food and serivce, I couldn’t have been more happy! Such a beautiful experience


What a great way to celebrate with my handsome man! I can’t wait to come back during the day and enjoy the beautiful Gardens.

Thank You Chiswick! We’ll be back.

Chiswick on Urbanspoon

Chiswick, Woollahra

So sorry!

I haven’t posted in around 2 months! I’ve been so slack but i have been incredibly busy! I still have found time to go to great restaurants but I haven’t found time to blog about them but i am now free from exams and school and I promise I will be making more of an effort to upload more blogs! So keep checking back within the next week and you will see some new reviews on restaurants such as Chiswick at Woollahra, Moo Burger Crowsnest, Iceburgs Dining Room and Bar Bondi Beach and El Loco Surry Hill! 


Exciting food blogs to come! Can’t Wait

So sorry!

Cafe Mint – Surry Hills

It’s that time again! Friday night and looking for a new place to have a nice dinner, my favorite time of the week. We had a few options to choose from and a few hiccups on decided what to have, for some reason we could not decided on what we wanted and where we wanted to go but my boyfriend suggested Cafe Mint a modern middle eastern restaurant in Surry Hills which I was happy to try out after looking at their menu online.

We arrived at around 8:00pm, it was packed! We weren’t able to get a table but they offered us a place on the bar which I was happy with! The vibe of this place is very cozy and very relaxed.  Looking through the menu my eyes went straight for the Roasted Chicken, but as we looked through the menu more closely we decided to go for something new this time as we always have chicken. 

We ordered

  •  Mezze plate – House made hummus, babaganouj & muhammra with hot za’atar bread & olives. My boyfriend ordered and extra muhammra dip as it’s his favorite and I was excited to try it. $17
  • Ravioli – Filled with Roasted garlic & potato, topped with spicy slow cooked lamb
    mince, spices, caramelized onion and mint yoghurt $24

  • Lamb kefta – Lamb meatballs with zucchini & pistachio in a tomato sauce with
    olive & fennel seed on broad bean bissara & shaved fennel salad $25

Looking around at all the other diners food, I was getting pretty excited to try some this food. 

The Mezze plate was the first to arrive. 



Nothing better than bread and some dips! The muhammra dip was beautiful but for some reason I couldn’t get enough of that babaganouj dip! I could have just had that with a spoon. We eventually finished the za’atar bread but had so much more of the dip left so we asked for more bread. We ended up getting Turkish bread instead of the za’atar bread which was incredible. To be honest I wish we had been served the Turkish bread in the first place. It was thick, fluffy and perfect with the dips. 

Our next two dishes arrived. First the meatballs.


What a bowl of flavor. We only got three meatballs in this dish but the portions of the meatballs were HUGE! The lamb spices with the crunch of the pistachio was perfect. The tomato sauces was rich in flavor and added so much to the dish. I cant imagine coming back just for this dish, perfect for a warm winter dinner. We both had a meatball and a half each which was perfect because we have the ravioli to go yet.


The star of this dish has to be that mint yogurt. The ravioli was cooked al dente which was perfect! I was disappointed in the filling of the ravioli though. It was underwhelming. The texture of the potato was lovely but garlic? Where? I couldn’t taste the garlic but luckily that mint yogurt came to save the day! It was a bit tangy which I really enjoyed and that drenched in the spicy slow cooked lamb mince was divine. 

A lovely meal and would be very happy to return for the Mezze plate, the meatballs and try that chicken dish! 

Location –  Great! Right on Crown Street, may be difficult to find parking.

Price – Reasonable. For the two of us, three dishes in which we both shared, it came to around $70 dollars

Service – It was lovely service. The woman knew what she was talking about, she was cheerful and make our experience comfortable. 

Atmosphere – A great place for a date or for drinks with friends. It’s a small venue that sits around 40 people. The lighting is nice which adds to that cozy feel. I wasn’t a fan of how the door didn’t close properly and I would get hit with this cold air.

Food – Perfect middle eastern food with great spices and flavor. I will definitely be returning. It’s a new one to add to the list of places to go and recommend. 


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Cafe Mint – Surry Hills