Chur Burger – Surry Hills


“We’re going to Chur Burger this weekend!” I’ve been saying this sentence for the past 3 weeks but somehow we end up trying other places but this weekend we finally made it to Chur Burger and I could not be more excited and the hype about this place has been insane, being named the best burgers in Sydney.

We arrived at around 7:00pm and we were told that it would be a 45 minute wait, at first we hesitated but decided to wait. Some places tell you a time frame but you have a table within half that time frame but at Chur Burger they meant it! We waited 50 minutes but it wasn’t too bad, we waited outside and they had the music pretty loud and the door open so we were jamming to the hip hop music playing and you get the smell of the food travelling outside so you get more excited but also you get a bit impatient.

At around 7:50pm we got inside and a table right next to the open kitchen where we could see where the burger making magic happens! The boyfriend went order as soon as we walked in as we knew what we were having straight away.




We both ordered the Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle burger with a side of chilli salt chips.


We sipped on some water as we watched everyone in the kitchen waiting for our burgers. It didn’t take too long for us to receive our order, maybe 15 minutes. When it arrived at our table I couldn’t contain my excitement, I had to dig in (not without taking a photo first of course).

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!! Is all I have to say about this burger! I was so so happy that it lived up to my expectations. The beef patty was served medium which made it so juicy and flavoursome, the tomato jam was lovely and sweet and the mayo was divine. I’ve noticed that they really pack a lot of mayo on their burgers but I love mayo so I’m not complaining one bit. The buns were lovely and soft. For some reason I  thought they would be dry but they weren’t, they were grilled perfectly.



The boyfriend said that its one of the best burgers he has had! And I totally agree. It’s a full hearty juicy flavoursome burger. A burger done incredibly well.

The chips were nice too, the hint of chilli was perfect but you could easily go without the chips because the burger is big enough. We ended up taking away the chips.

Location -Set nicely on Albion Street in Surry Hills. Not a lot of places around, just a convenience store across the road and what looks to be another restaurant opposite and that’s about it.

Price – For a burger and chips by itself it costs $15 all together. $10 for the burger and $5 for the chips. Great price for the burger considering how yummy it is.

Service – Very average. The woman at the front door was pleasant in taking our number down and then calling us for our table. Woman giving us our burgers was okay too. To be honest not much interaction with people working there, its more of an order at the bar, sit down and eat and leave type of place.

Atmosphere – Busy and happening atmosphere. Good music playing which got you grooving while waiting and also in your seat at the table. What I loved seeing as well as that half way during our meal, the waitress walked over to the kitchen with around 6 shots of alcohol and all of the kitchen staff all took a shot out in the open. That was pretty cool to see, just hope that doesn’t impact of their cooking abilities hahaha!

Food – Perfect burger and nice decent chips. You can tell the quality of the beef patty is high as said on their website. Just what I expected, so happy I wasn’t disappointed and now I have a new burger joint to go to! Can’t complain about that.

I now understand the hype about this place. Its the place for a drink and a good feed with your friends, boyfriend, work colleges. I’ll definitely be back! They also do take away. A Chur Burger with a beer and watching a movie sounds like the perfect night in my books!

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Chur Burger – Surry Hills