Seven Seeds – Melbourne

Two reviews in one day…I think I’m becoming addicted and I’m missing Melbourne a lot today.


One of my favourite places in Melbourne has to be Seven Seeds! Unfortunately we only got to go there once but it will be the first place I go to when I’m back in Melbourne.

We went to seven seeds around brunch time. My boyfriend and I got out of the taxi in a lane way and thought we were going to walk to the main street to get to the cafe but no its in the lane way. I love cafe’s hidden in lane ways, I don’t know why but I do. We came to this massive wooden door which is always a bit exciting. As we walk in we’re greeted by a woman who takes us to a table in front of the kitchen and bar area. Straight away be both ordered a coffee. Me a Cappuccino and an espresso for the boyfriend, the woman took our order, gave us menus and also told us the specials which sounded very appealing.

As we looked at the menu I didn’t really find anything that stood out to me and  I always get poached eggs on toast with avocado and I wanted something different today then I remember out waitress telling us the specials for the day “Maple syrup and bacon French Toast”

YEP THAT’S A WINNER FOR ME! She arrived with our coffee’s and took our order of course I got the Bacon French Toast and my boyfriend  got the Curried Baked Eggs

The smell of coffee, I don’t think I could ever get over it. Our coffees were delicious and on this cold Melbourne day, its just what I needed.  IMG_4063

I kept looking into the kitchen to see if the next order ready was ours…after being disappointed twice as the waitress didn’t come to our table, the 3rd time lucky was our dish and my oh my did it look like a heart attack waiting to happen but on this day…I wanted to be a bit of a piggy.

This dish I will remember my whole life. It arrived with maple syrup drenched into the toast and bacon. I took my knife and fork and dug for gold and I sure found gold. That first bite was pure love. The texture of the French toast was soft like a pillow and the toast was thick, the sweetness was perfect with the maple syrup and all together with the bacon was bliss. I often think how much I can’t wait to go back and eat it again but then feel incredibly saddened as I remember that it was only the special for the day and I will probably never have it again 😦


I tried my boyfriends dish and that was yummy also, I found myself going to his dish every now and then and taking a little bit of it! (Like I said I wanted to be a piggy) I expected this dish to have a big curry flavour but it didn’t, the curry flavour was there but didn’t take over the dish which I guess is a good thing. It was creamy and full of goodness although one bit of sourdough bread was not enough to soak up that goodness, my boyfriend ended up ordering another slice of it to finish the dish off. IMG_4066

Location – Would be hard to find if you’re not from Melbourne or have never been to seven seeds before. Luckily my boyfriend has been here before and knew exactly where we were going. No parking

Price – Very well priced. Not expensive nor cheap.

Service – Lovely service. You could tell the workers there were happy to be there and were more than happy to be at your service.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere was great! Busy yet relaxed environment not overwhelming, felt very content in the space and surroundings.

Food – Good food with a lot of love put into it! Sort of like mum’s cooking, you can tell they put effort into every dish and do it with love and passion.

One of the number one places to go in Melbourne, we’ll one of my places anyway!

Love Love Love it!

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Seven Seeds – Melbourne

Cafe Mint – Surry Hills

It’s that time again! Friday night and looking for a new place to have a nice dinner, my favorite time of the week. We had a few options to choose from and a few hiccups on decided what to have, for some reason we could not decided on what we wanted and where we wanted to go but my boyfriend suggested Cafe Mint a modern middle eastern restaurant in Surry Hills which I was happy to try out after looking at their menu online.

We arrived at around 8:00pm, it was packed! We weren’t able to get a table but they offered us a place on the bar which I was happy with! The vibe of this place is very cozy and very relaxed.  Looking through the menu my eyes went straight for the Roasted Chicken, but as we looked through the menu more closely we decided to go for something new this time as we always have chicken. 

We ordered

  •  Mezze plate – House made hummus, babaganouj & muhammra with hot za’atar bread & olives. My boyfriend ordered and extra muhammra dip as it’s his favorite and I was excited to try it. $17
  • Ravioli – Filled with Roasted garlic & potato, topped with spicy slow cooked lamb
    mince, spices, caramelized onion and mint yoghurt $24

  • Lamb kefta – Lamb meatballs with zucchini & pistachio in a tomato sauce with
    olive & fennel seed on broad bean bissara & shaved fennel salad $25

Looking around at all the other diners food, I was getting pretty excited to try some this food. 

The Mezze plate was the first to arrive. 



Nothing better than bread and some dips! The muhammra dip was beautiful but for some reason I couldn’t get enough of that babaganouj dip! I could have just had that with a spoon. We eventually finished the za’atar bread but had so much more of the dip left so we asked for more bread. We ended up getting Turkish bread instead of the za’atar bread which was incredible. To be honest I wish we had been served the Turkish bread in the first place. It was thick, fluffy and perfect with the dips. 

Our next two dishes arrived. First the meatballs.


What a bowl of flavor. We only got three meatballs in this dish but the portions of the meatballs were HUGE! The lamb spices with the crunch of the pistachio was perfect. The tomato sauces was rich in flavor and added so much to the dish. I cant imagine coming back just for this dish, perfect for a warm winter dinner. We both had a meatball and a half each which was perfect because we have the ravioli to go yet.


The star of this dish has to be that mint yogurt. The ravioli was cooked al dente which was perfect! I was disappointed in the filling of the ravioli though. It was underwhelming. The texture of the potato was lovely but garlic? Where? I couldn’t taste the garlic but luckily that mint yogurt came to save the day! It was a bit tangy which I really enjoyed and that drenched in the spicy slow cooked lamb mince was divine. 

A lovely meal and would be very happy to return for the Mezze plate, the meatballs and try that chicken dish! 

Location –  Great! Right on Crown Street, may be difficult to find parking.

Price – Reasonable. For the two of us, three dishes in which we both shared, it came to around $70 dollars

Service – It was lovely service. The woman knew what she was talking about, she was cheerful and make our experience comfortable. 

Atmosphere – A great place for a date or for drinks with friends. It’s a small venue that sits around 40 people. The lighting is nice which adds to that cozy feel. I wasn’t a fan of how the door didn’t close properly and I would get hit with this cold air.

Food – Perfect middle eastern food with great spices and flavor. I will definitely be returning. It’s a new one to add to the list of places to go and recommend. 


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Cafe Mint – Surry Hills

Phamish Vietnamese Cafe – Darlinghurst


Phamish….My go to place for a romantic, quick, yummy dinner!

I’ve been going to Phamish for the past 10 months and not once have I been disappointed. Luckily the first time I went to Phamish I was with someone who knew how their system works as it can be a bit confusing for new customers.

We arrived at Phamish at 7:30pm on a Saturday night, and we got a table straight away which was great as the past few times we have had to wait 15-20 minutes for a table, which is no problem but as it is winter I was glad to see they have outdoor heaters.

As you arrive to Phamish, you walk up the front to order where you can also see the menu which hangs on the wall above the counter. My boyfriend and I for the past 10 months have ordered that same dishes!

  •  Vietnamese Chicken Curry – Yellow curry with chicken, lemongrass and sweet potato (also available in Prawn or Vegetable version)


  • Sesame Lamb – Grilled Lamb Fillets with a Garlic and hoi sin marinade, served with cucumber and cherry tomato’s.

and of course rice. We also thought this time we would also try a new dish.

  • Crispy Spring Rolls  – Deep fried Vietnamese spring rolls with ground chicken, rice vermicelli, wood ear fungi served with a sweet chilli sauce.

As we finished ordering we walked to our table which was outside (luckily next to a heater) and waited for our dishes to arrive. Two woman sitting next to us looked confused as they were sitting down waiting for someone to take their order, they then realized that you have to walk to the counter to order. This is an example of how I said earlier that the system is a bit confusing if you’re a new customer.

The first dish to arrive was the Crispy Spring Rolls. Image


The Spring Rolls came to our table hot and very fresh. It was a generous serving of 6 rolls. The crispy pastry was perfectly golden and brown. The flavors were beautiful and fresh. The ground chicken was full of flavor and the crunch of the rice vermicelli was perfect. The sweet chilli sauce gave it a great kick and was perfect with all the falvors and textures of the crispy spring rolls. Great start to the meal!!

The next dish to arrive was the Vietnamese Chicken Curry.Image

This will always be my very favorite dish at Phamish! As my boyfriend says “It’s like they massage the chicken” The chicken in this dish is so tender and juicy and the spicy yellow gravy is absolute heaven when soaked into the rice. I get to eat the potato’s as my boyfriend isn’t a fan….More for me I say! Once or twice I have gotten potato’s that have hardly been cooked and are just hard and I can’t eat them but this time they were soft and drenched in that yummy curry gravy. I could have this dish every night, no problem! So good.

Last but definitely not least…Sesame Lamb.


Once again this dish is so full of flavor. The lamb is tender and the star of this dish has to be the sesame seeds, the flavor of the sesame seeds with the lamb is a perfect combination. Although its not an attractive look when the seeds get stuck in your teeth. The hoi sin sauce is sweet and light. The sauce of this dish is also oh so good in the rice. I love the hint of freshness with the cucumber added to the dish as well.



Like I said at the beginning of the blog. This is our go to restaurant if we can’t find anywhere else to go or if we just feel like a meal that we know will be perfect and quick. It’s romantic and we know the food will always be up to scratch and good service.

I 100% recommend Phamish if looking for a place to go on Thursday nights and on the weekend for a relaxed date night or to catch up with friends. It’s also BYO

Location – In the heart of Daringhurst, would be hard to find if not a regular customer but can be easily found with directions. Next to two also very successful restaurants. Jazz Milk Bar and Lucio’s Pizzeria.

Price – $$ Fairly cheap!

Crispy spring rolls – $12

Vietnamese Chicken Curry – $17.90

Sesame Lamb – $19.50

Service – Good. Always friendly and with a smile. I love it when they come to your table to re-fill your glass of water.

Atmosphere – Romantic. It’s also a bit small, as you have to keep shuffling to let people through. It’s always busy which creates an uplifting vibe. Phamish only seats around 50 people. There is outdoor and indoor seating. (20 seats inside, 30 seats outside). One down fall is the seats. They are hard metal and an unusual shape which can be very uncomfortable

Food – We are regular customers of Phamish and every time it’s great. The food is full of flavor and perfect sized portions. Unfortunately Phamish don’t do desserts but I say you go to Kurtosh in Surry Hills which isn’t far, if you want something sweet and a great coffee.

I know i’ll keep going to this place for a very long time. Can’t imagine life without Phamish.

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Phamish Vietnamese Cafe – Darlinghurst