Seven Seeds – Melbourne

Two reviews in one day…I think I’m becoming addicted and I’m missing Melbourne a lot today.


One of my favourite places in Melbourne has to be Seven Seeds! Unfortunately we only got to go there once but it will be the first place I go to when I’m back in Melbourne.

We went to seven seeds around brunch time. My boyfriend and I got out of the taxi in a lane way and thought we were going to walk to the main street to get to the cafe but no its in the lane way. I love cafe’s hidden in lane ways, I don’t know why but I do. We came to this massive wooden door which is always a bit exciting. As we walk in we’re greeted by a woman who takes us to a table in front of the kitchen and bar area. Straight away be both ordered a coffee. Me a Cappuccino and an espresso for the boyfriend, the woman took our order, gave us menus and also told us the specials which sounded very appealing.

As we looked at the menu I didn’t really find anything that stood out to me and  I always get poached eggs on toast with avocado and I wanted something different today then I remember out waitress telling us the specials for the day “Maple syrup and bacon French Toast”

YEP THAT’S A WINNER FOR ME! She arrived with our coffee’s and took our order of course I got the Bacon French Toast and my boyfriend  got the Curried Baked Eggs

The smell of coffee, I don’t think I could ever get over it. Our coffees were delicious and on this cold Melbourne day, its just what I needed.  IMG_4063

I kept looking into the kitchen to see if the next order ready was ours…after being disappointed twice as the waitress didn’t come to our table, the 3rd time lucky was our dish and my oh my did it look like a heart attack waiting to happen but on this day…I wanted to be a bit of a piggy.

This dish I will remember my whole life. It arrived with maple syrup drenched into the toast and bacon. I took my knife and fork and dug for gold and I sure found gold. That first bite was pure love. The texture of the French toast was soft like a pillow and the toast was thick, the sweetness was perfect with the maple syrup and all together with the bacon was bliss. I often think how much I can’t wait to go back and eat it again but then feel incredibly saddened as I remember that it was only the special for the day and I will probably never have it again 😦


I tried my boyfriends dish and that was yummy also, I found myself going to his dish every now and then and taking a little bit of it! (Like I said I wanted to be a piggy) I expected this dish to have a big curry flavour but it didn’t, the curry flavour was there but didn’t take over the dish which I guess is a good thing. It was creamy and full of goodness although one bit of sourdough bread was not enough to soak up that goodness, my boyfriend ended up ordering another slice of it to finish the dish off. IMG_4066

Location – Would be hard to find if you’re not from Melbourne or have never been to seven seeds before. Luckily my boyfriend has been here before and knew exactly where we were going. No parking

Price – Very well priced. Not expensive nor cheap.

Service – Lovely service. You could tell the workers there were happy to be there and were more than happy to be at your service.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere was great! Busy yet relaxed environment not overwhelming, felt very content in the space and surroundings.

Food – Good food with a lot of love put into it! Sort of like mum’s cooking, you can tell they put effort into every dish and do it with love and passion.

One of the number one places to go in Melbourne, we’ll one of my places anyway!

Love Love Love it!

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Seven Seeds – Melbourne

So sorry!

I haven’t posted in around 2 months! I’ve been so slack but i have been incredibly busy! I still have found time to go to great restaurants but I haven’t found time to blog about them but i am now free from exams and school and I promise I will be making more of an effort to upload more blogs! So keep checking back within the next week and you will see some new reviews on restaurants such as Chiswick at Woollahra, Moo Burger Crowsnest, Iceburgs Dining Room and Bar Bondi Beach and El Loco Surry Hill! 


Exciting food blogs to come! Can’t Wait

So sorry!

Mary’s Newtown

My boyfriend and i were contemplating whether or not to go to Mary’s at Newtown or Buffalo Dining Club at Darlinghurst, we ended up choosing Mary’s which i was thrilled about! I have been reading so much hype about the food here, I’ve been dying to go.

We arrived at Mary’s around 8:30pm with another couple, Without the line of people at the front of the door, this would have been a hard place to find as its tucked away on Mary’s Street in Newtown (hence the name), the line went very fast so it wasn’t a problem. As the line started to move we were given hot chips to enjoy whilst waiting in line which was great because 1. We were freezing 2. we were hungry and 3…Free chips! Cannot complain.

As we walked in, the atmosphere changed to a fun,crowded and loud environment. We headed up stairs which i was thankful for as it wasn’t so loud up there, where as downstairs the music was on full blast and you had to shout to the people you were talking to. As we sat down a lady came to our table and told us the menu, which consisted of burgers, fried chicken and mash and gravy so we figured we would order everything! We ordered 2 Cheeseburgers, 2 Mary’s burgers, Half a bird of fried chicken (5 pieces) and mash and gravy. My mouth was watering just ordering it. She took our orders without paper just from memory which i found to be impressive but then again it isn’t a massive menu.



How cute! The Tabasco hot sauce and salt and pepper come in little Jack Daniels Bottles.

The fried chicken and the mash potato arrived at the table first and i went straight for the chicken. OH MY GOD! amazing! This fried chicken was soooo good. The crispy skin just flaked off which also had a great crunch to it and had a beautiful smoky, spicy flavor to it, which i was very happy about, i always love a bit of spice. It also had a flavors that i would not place, i spent ages trying to figure out that other spices were in the batter. The chicken was juicy and succulent and a generous amount of meat too instead of all bone.


The Mash potato and gravy was served in a basket with grease proof paper. It was silky, buttery, and salty just how it should be and the gravy had a lovely meaty flavor to it which is perfect for dipping your chips into. Perfect combination, chips and gravy. oh my! This place is all about getting your hands dirty while enjoying a fatty greasy meal.


Now for the star of the night! The cheeseburger!!!!

It too was served in a basket with a very good amount of shoe string fries. The burger was wrapped in grease proof paper. I felt like it was Christmas morning and i was opening my first present, this is how excited i was to finally try this burger.


The bun is shiny, super soft and sweet. The meat patty was smoky and greasy, with the american cheese, mustard, tomato sauce, onion and pickles, this is a typical cheeseburger but it had a unique flavor too it which made it special and incredibly tasty.  I’ll admit, i think my expectations were too high for this cheeseburger but i will say only just slightly. It was a great burger and to be honest…i’ve been craving all day. It was a perfect size and i could have multiple a day…tempting but i wouldn’t haha.




Overall it was a very successful night with great company! Mary’s is perfect for wanting to catch up with friends over a drink and things to snack on whilst talking and having a laugh.

Location – Right in the middle of Newtown but difficult to locate as its tucked away. You can just walk straight past it without knowing.

Price – Burgers range from $12 to $14. can add bacon for $4 and can double for $3

Fried chicken range from Half bird $16 to Larry Bird $45

Mash Potato and gravy $5

Service – All staff here are helpful and attentive. We had no problems. Staff are here to have a good time with you and serve whilst still being professional.

Atmosphere – Mary’s is very loud and dark. It gives off a southern barn feel with a modern hipster twist. Great music is playing and everyone is there to have a good time and a great feed.

Food – Perfect! If you’re after a very greasy, finger licking, getting your hands dirty type of meal. this is the place for you! Burgers, fried chicken and mash potato and gravy. What else do you need? Every dish was full of flavor and yummy!

I honestly cannot wait to go back! OH and they do take away burgers! Even better. YAY!

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Mary’s Newtown